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Termite Inspection Not Always Reliable

Property owners who are worried about potential termite issues (or who are planning to buy or sell a property) may enlist the help of a termite inspection to help detect the presence of termites and pinpoints locations where termites may be nesting.

Phantom Kills Termites—Plus Other Pests

If you already have a termite problem—or just want to do everything in your power to keep these destructive pests away—you’d probably be willing to pay a small fortune to get rid of them. Fortunately, that may not be necessary. Phantom Termiticide is an effective and relatively inexpensive product that can help wipe out termite infestations.

What Could Be Lurking Under Your Home

Quick question: when was the last time you checked out your home’s crawl space?

Why a Termite Inspection is So Important

Termites can cause significant property damage—which can be very costly to repair (and generally isn’t covered by homeowners insurance). If you are buying a property, it’s important that you get a termite inspection performed before the closing. And in fact most banks or lenders will require this as part of the loan approval process. While this may seem like a hassle, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment that can save you a lot of money and aggravation later.

Termite Control Can Save Property Owners from Large Repair Bills

You probably know that termites can cause property damage. But you may not realize how extensive—and costly—that damage can be to property owners.

Keep Termites Away with Termidor

If you are like most people, termites are among your biggest home-related fears. These small pests can create huge problems in and around your home. Termites feed on wood or plant-based products—which can include structural beams, decking, shelving and even paper products like books. Since termites have strong chewing abilities and feed pretty much nonstop, […]

Effective and Affordable Termite Control is Possible

For tiny creatures, termites can cause a whole array of big problems. They are of course notorious for causing structural damage—which can not only be expensive (possibly very expensive) to repair, but it can also create a dangerous situation by compromising the integrity of the property. In addition, if you are planning to sell your […]

Can a Do-It-Yourselfer Apply Termicides?

Can a Do-It-Yourselfer Apply Termicides? The answer to this question is yes! Armed with some knowledge and access to a reliable source for Do-It-Yourself pest control products, any homeowner can protect their home from termite infestations.

Nisus Technical Bulletin for Drywood Termites

Drywood termites live in wood, which has a relatively low moisture content. They require no contact with the ground or other moisture source. Drywood termites are usually found in the humid coastal and sub-tropical regions of the United States, but there are several species found in the desert southwest, and they doappear to be spreading. […]

Bora-Care Technical Bulletin: Preventing Subterranean Termites

BORA-CARE Termiticide, Insecticide and Fungicide is a highly effective, long-lasting pesticide that can be used as a primary application against subterranean termite infestation in new construction. Rather than creating a toxic barrier in the soil surrounding a home or structure, BORA-CARE is designed to treat the termites’ food source (wood and other cellulosic materials) and […]

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