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Victor Snap Traps "Tips for Professionals"

√ Designed Specifically For Pest Management Professionals √ Adjustable Trigger Traps are equipped with a setting control which allows you to use a soft/sensitive set for normal situations or a firmer set in situations where vibrating machinery could prematurely set off a trap. To use: Set trap, and then move arm towards the firm orsoft […]

Rodent Information (Rats and Mice)

See also: Rodent Control Solutions Rodent Information Rodent Biology Rodent Proof Your Home and Commercial Property Norway Rat Rattus norvegicus Roof Rat Rattus rattus House Mouse Mus Musculus AVERAGE WEIGHT 10-17 ounces 6-12 ounces ½-3/4 ounce BODY Heavy, broad 7”-10” Long, blunt head Slender 6.5”-8” long, pointed muzzle Average body 2.5” -3.5” long TAIL 6”-8.5” […]

Rats: Tips for the DIY Pest Controller

Of all of the rodent pest control problems that one can encounter, rats are definitely not one to take lightly. Rats can cause serious health problems for families if left untreated. In this article, we review what rats can do and treatment methods that the DIY Pest Controller might miss.

Rodent Control Products for Your Home

When the cold weather hits we start feeling the need to stay indoors and try and stay warm, this is really the same for rodents, whether a mouse or rat fall is the time we start hearing the sounds in the attic. Having the right rodent control products for you home will make your rodent control procedures much more successful.

Know Your Enemy: Rat or Mouse?

If you are reading this, you may already have a concern that you have uninvited mammals living in your home. The steps and actions that you take to eradicate your castle of these rodent pests will vary depending on the specific pest.  You must identify the source to effectively eradicate the problem.  So we need […]

Trapper Rat Glue Boards with Tunnels

Trapper Rat Glue Boards with Tunnels

Choosing the Right Bait For Rodent Control

The level of rodent activity determines the proper bait for the job.  Proper bait selection and application will determine the success of the rodent control job. Knockdown and Cleanout Final and Fastrac are good for quick knockdown of population to a manageable population.  An acute rodenticide, like Bromethalin found is fastrac, works in the shortest amount of time. […]

Rodent Proof Your Home or Commercial Property

See also: Rodent Control Solutions Rodent Information Rodent Biology Rodent Proof Your Home and Commercial Property Eliminate all conducive areas and conditions Harborage reduction Eliminate the rodent’s food and water source. Identify harborage areas Keep vegetation and tall grass short.  Tall grass protects rodents from predators. Keep overhanging trees cut back.  Overhanging trees provide dark […]

Rodent Reference Guide

Roof Rat | Norway Rat | Meadow Mouse | House Mouse Common Name: Roof Rat Latin Name: Rattus rattus Common Family Name: Rats and Mice Latin Family Name: Muridae Other Names: Black rat, ship rat, house rat, tree rat, climbing rat, white-bellied rat. Also as two subspecies called the fruit rat (Rattus rattus frugivorous) and the Alexandrine Rat (R. r. alexandrinus). Origin: Native to forested areas in […]

How to Control a Rat Infestation

The different manners of dealing with a rodent infestation are outlined below.  We have already addressed a couple of them in our previous articles, namely Sanitation and Exclusion. Predators: The rodents’ natural predators can be a great help to the common homeowner.  Our first instinct is to think of the family dog or cat as […]

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