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Why Insect Growth Regulators Should be in Your Pest-Fighting Arsenal

Most likely, you’ve used a variety of products to solve various pest control issues. These probably included some combination of sprays, granules, concentrated formulas—and perhaps even some traps. But there may be one thing you are leaving out of your strategy for battling bugs. What you should know about insect growth regulators One insect control […]

Save Time and Money with Do It Yourself Pest Control Products

If you’re like most people, your budget is tight and you’re looking for ways to save money whenever you can. Doing things yourself is a great way to save lots of cash. And when it comes to pest control, it’s very easy to handle much (if not all) of the process on your own. Thanks […]

What You Should Know About Permethrin

Most likely, you’ve never heard of permethrin. But if you have an insect problem, you should remember the name because it can make your life a lot more pleasant. Permethrin can solve your pest problems Permethrin is an insecticide that, while manmade, is very similar to chemicals in the nature-based pyrethroid family. Permethrin is based […]

Insect Growth Regulators: Like Birth Control for Bugs

When you have an insect problem, you don’t just want pests to go away for now. You want them to stay gone for good. That means you want a long-term solution—and ideally one that keeps the pests you already have from multiplying. Advantages of insect growth regulators This is exactly what insect growth regulators are […]

The Proper Techniques for Getting Rid of Every Pest

There are a multitude of pests in this world.  Some helpful, some hurtful, most annoying.  Getting rid of them, however you choose to do so, is never easy.  There are always a million questions to ask yourself:  Which product is best? How much do I use? Which one is best for this pest? And so […]

The Simple Facts about Fall Invading Pests

Just like the weather, pests change with the seasons.  Insects such as cluster flies, boxelder bugs, elm leaf beetles and multicolored Asian lady beetles (MALB) are common over wintering pests. As temperatures cool in the fall, these insects are attracted to warm temperatures found on exterior walls exposed to the sun. They often occur suddenly […]

How to Use the Climbup Insect Interceptor

The Climbup Insect Interceptor is one of the top of the line Insect Interceptors on the market.  And as always with a product of this type, the detailed instructions on how to use it are very necessary.  To learn how to use it, just click HERE and you will receive all the details on how […]

Pest Control Products Perfect for the Do It Yourself Crowd

Many people mistakenly assume that in order to get really good pest control products, you have to be a licensed professional. While it’s true that there are some strong, commercial-grade chemicals and treatments that are solely for professional exterminators, there are lots of highly effective options for the average person. Advances in technology, coupled with […]

Be a Savvy Shopper of Pest Control Products

When shopping around for pest control products, there are so many choices that it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. However, there are a few basic things to consider that can help narrow down the choices (and ensure you get the best deal). Things to consider when buying pest control products First, consider exactly what […]

Use a Bug Light to Be Rid of Pests

A bug light is a tried-and-true method of keeping pests from bugging you and invading your space. That notorious “zapping” noise is a unique sound that almost any of us can easily recognize.

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