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Unseasonably Warm Weather Leads to Confused Bugs

A warm stretch of weather extending later into fall than usual may be welcome by many people—but there may also be some insect-related downsides that most of us probably won’t be too happy about.

DeltaDust a Great Waterproof Insecticide Option

It’s an insect-fighting Catch 22: many insects love hiding or nesting in moist areas, yet many insecticides are less effective (or not effective at all) when exposed to moisture.

Bad Weather Decreases Insect Breeding

Recent research seems to indicate that bad weather cuts down on insect reproduction, at least for the short-term. As Smithsonian Magazine and other media outlets reported, when researchers studying insect behavior simulated changes in air pressure (which often signify stormy weather approaching), the bugs showed a significant decrease in mating and breeding activity.

Ladybugs Head Indoors in Fall

Ladybugs tend to seek shelter indoors when the weather starts to get colder. This means that many homeowners in the northeast and other cooler regions may have suddenly started noticing an invasion of ladybugs right about now.

DrainGel Keeps Your Drains Free of Pest-Attracting Materials

Let's face it, drains aren’t exactly pleasant places. This is especially true in restaurants, hospitals and other commercial locations, but even your average home can have quite a lot of "gunk" in their drains. This organic material is the remnants of food and other substances that have been poured down the drain.

Pantry Moth Traps: Safe, Cheap, and Extremely Effective

Far too many people have grabbed some of their favorite garments of clothing after a long season of not being able to wear them only to discover that they've been destroyed by moths. Several of these people have undoubtedly seen pantry moth traps in local stores and online, but most don't fully understand how they work. This leads many people to simply try other methods of ridding themselves of the pests, but in reality, moth traps aren't difficult to understand.

Organic Alternatives to Mosquito Misting Systems

There aren't many individuals, especially those living in warmer areas of America, who haven't encountered mosquito problems at some point. Traditional knowledge would make a person think that mosquito misting systems are the only way to handle this issue, but luckily, they'd be wrong. There are actually a few organic methods, even some all-natural products that can handle those pesky pests.

No Implants to Kill Carpenter Ants, Their Death Can Be All Natural

Most people have experienced an ant infestation at one point, and many of these individuals have known the annoyance of carpenter ants. Those who don't wish to use dangerous chemicals in or around their home may be wondering how to kill carpenter ants in the most natural way possible, and luckily for them, there are quite a few ways. A person's plan of action will depend largely on where the ants are.

How to Kill Spider Mites and Save the Plants You Love

So, you have them all over your beloved plants and now it is time to figure out how to kill spider mites. The little buggers will really damage your foliage and they are incredibly resilient.

Weed Control Helps Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful

Weeds can cause lots of headaches for homeowners, especially if a lush, healthy lawn is very important to you—or if you want to be proud of your garden or landscaping. Trying to get rid of weeds and keep them away for good can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle that can be tough to win. […]

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