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Insect Damage on Trees Becomes Obvious in Fall

If you have beautiful trees on your property (or just in your neighborhood) you would probably hate to see them damaged or injured in any way. Unfortunately, right about this time of year, many people often come to the disappointing realization that some of their beloved trees or plants have suffered damage over the summer as a result of a tiny enemy: insects.

The Beta Crystal Benefits of Tempo SC Ultra

If you are looking for a powerful, fast-acting insecticide that makes it easy to cover a large area quickly, Tempo SC Ultra may be exactly what you need.

Insects with Impressive Survival Tools

Insects in general can often be hearty survivalists—but some particular types of bugs seem to have special features or abilities that allow them to survive and defend themselves against potential threats.

Plants Enlist Aid from Birds for Pest Control

It seems many of us may have underestimated the resourcefulness of a seemingly helpless plant. A new study seems to indicate that plants have a clever tactic that can help protect them from invading insects.

Beware of Bugs Trying to Hibernate in Your Home

This is the time of year when insects start making their plans for the winter. Some species tend to be “snowbirds,” meaning they migrate to warmer areas during the winter season. But many other types of insects—such as ladybugs and stink bugs—simply seek out a warm place to hunker down for the winter. Ideally, they want someplace warm and dry

Unseasonably Warm Weather Leads to Confused Bugs

A warm stretch of weather extending later into fall than usual may be welcome by many people—but there may also be some insect-related downsides that most of us probably won’t be too happy about.

DeltaDust a Great Waterproof Insecticide Option

It’s an insect-fighting Catch 22: many insects love hiding or nesting in moist areas, yet many insecticides are less effective (or not effective at all) when exposed to moisture.

Bad Weather Decreases Insect Breeding

Recent research seems to indicate that bad weather cuts down on insect reproduction, at least for the short-term. As Smithsonian Magazine and other media outlets reported, when researchers studying insect behavior simulated changes in air pressure (which often signify stormy weather approaching), the bugs showed a significant decrease in mating and breeding activity.

Ladybugs Head Indoors in Fall

Ladybugs tend to seek shelter indoors when the weather starts to get colder. This means that many homeowners in the northeast and other cooler regions may have suddenly started noticing an invasion of ladybugs right about now.

DrainGel Keeps Your Drains Free of Pest-Attracting Materials

Let's face it, drains aren’t exactly pleasant places. This is especially true in restaurants, hospitals and other commercial locations, but even your average home can have quite a lot of "gunk" in their drains. This organic material is the remnants of food and other substances that have been poured down the drain.

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