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Mosquito Sprayers Will Help Your Property Stay Mosquito Free

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous animals on earth and if your property is overrun with them, you need a mosquito sprayer. Scientists estimate that between 500 and 700 million people get malaria worldwide each year. That is more than twice the population of the U.S. alone. There are other ailments transmitted by mosquitoes such as the West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephlitis.

West Nile Virus Outbreak and Mosquito Control

The Center for Disease Control sent out this report: “As of August 28th, 2012, a total of 48 states have reported West Nile virus infections in people, birds or mosquitoes. Only Alaska and Hawaii have reported no West Nile virus activity. Forty-three states have reported at least one human case of West Nile virus disease. […]

Mosquito Biology

See also: Mosquito Control Solutions Mosquito Biology Mosquitos Small, long-legged, 2-winged insects Differ from other flies in having 2 characters in combination: Elongate proboscis Scales on wing veins and wing margin Mosquito Life History Four distinct stages in life cycle Egg Larva Pupa Adult 1st three stages occur in the water Adult is an active […]

altosid Altosid Pro-G kills mosquitoes

Altosid Pro-G kills mosquitoes before they hatch and is simple and easy to use. Simply follow the directions and put the directed amount of granules in areas or in water where mosquitoes may breed. One container can treat over 5,000 square feet or up to 20,183 gallons of water. Altosid Pro-G will last up to 30 days.

Mosquito Control Products are Essential to Keeping your Family Safe

Mosquitoes can be quite a problem, especially during certain seasons. Depending upon where you live, it’s no wonder mosquito control products are so needed. No matter what species of mosquito you have flying around they all must have a water source in order to survive. In as little as a few days, hundreds of thousands […]

Mosquito Control Products and Your Backyard BBQ!

We are proud to offer the best mosquito control products to keep your backyard BBQ alien invasion! We offer misting systems that are automated and timer-controlled which can be set usually twice a day around early morning and late evening. These times are when the gnats and mosquitoes are most active. You can also choose […]

Mosquito Foggers and Your Night Life!

If you love outdoor entertaining, especially when the weather is perfect and want to host a party but can't due to mosquitoes that keep coming uninvited, it is time to invest in a mosquito fogger. You can use a mosquito fogger anywhere you and your peeps want to hang outdoors like a deck, outdoor pool, […]

You, a Saturday, and Mosquito Misting Systems

I know spending a Saturday installing a mosquito misting system is probably not your first choice of activities. But one Saturday could give you years of mosquito free enjoyment and allow you to enjoy your home like never before. Everything you need for this project can be purchased from a reputable do-it-yourself pest control supplier […]

Mosquito Borne Diseases

If you have battled the terrible creature called mosquito, then you already know, it’s a daunting task. It is not one to be taken lightly. Mosquitoes are tiny, but quick. They seem to multiply in the blink of an eye. If you see one on Saturday, given favorable weather conditions, you’re likely to see 100 […]

Controlling Pests on Pets

Pet lover’s, who also live in the deep and humid south, know how expensive and time consuming it can be to keep your pets safe and free from insect pests.  Mosquitoes that can carry heartworms and cause allergic reactions, while fleas and tick that carry a number of vector borne illnesses, as well as tape […]

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