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Mosquito Borne Diseases

If you have battled the terrible creature called mosquito, then you already know, it’s a daunting task. It is not one to be taken lightly. Mosquitoes are tiny, but quick. They seem to multiply in the blink of an eye. If you see one on Saturday, given favorable weather conditions, you’re likely to see 100 […]

Controlling Pests on Pets

Pet lover’s, who also live in the deep and humid south, know how expensive and time consuming it can be to keep your pets safe and free from insect pests.  Mosquitoes that can carry heartworms and cause allergic reactions, while fleas and tick that carry a number of vector borne illnesses, as well as tape […]

Pay Taxes And Kill Mosquitoes

Usually, people say that there are two things that every human has to do in a lifetime, pay taxes and die.  If you are from south Louisiana, there is one more item that can be added to your list, deal with the mosquito.  If you live in any area with high humidity and tropical climate […]

Bayou Boy: Battle of the Mosquito

How NOT to Protect Yourself From Mosquitos!

Analysis Reveals Malaria, Other Diseases as Ancient, Adaptive and Persistent Foes

One of the most comprehensive analyses yet done of the ancient history of insect-borne disease concludes for the first time that malaria is not only native to the New World, but it has been present long before humans existed and has evolved through birds and monkeys.

Mosquitos Have Been New Orleans Issue for a While Now....

1926: Mosquitoes are a scourge to outdoor life in New Orleans

Vector Ban Mosquito Control How to Video

More West Nile Mosquitos!

Dangerous Asian Mosquito in California

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