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Mouse Glue Traps are an Effective Rodent Control For Your Home

Mouse glue traps are a good way to control mice and other baby rodents that may be infesting your home. They are easy to use as well as easy to throw away. They are inexpensive to buy and can also be used to catch creepy crawlies in your home like

Mouse Control with Mouse Traps and Mouse Glueboards

At epestsolutions we want to make your mouse control experience as quick, painless and economical as possible. Mouse control can be a multi-pronged approach with a combination of sanitation, exclusion, baiting and trapping.

Want a Pesticide-Free Mouse Control? Mouse Glue Boards to the Rescue!

Do you want a pesticide-free way to get rid of mice? Then mouse glue boards might be just what you need. Mice glue boards do not use toxins to capture mice and they need no bait. There are some glue boards that put some attractant in the middle of the board, but proper placement of […]

Rodent Control Solutions - Baiting

More Great Rodent Control Solutions JT Eaton Bait Block Product Features: Easy-to-use 2 ounce Peanut Butter or Apple Bait Block Rodenticides Superior Performance as Both a Clean out and Maintenance Bait. Highly Palatable to Rodents. Controls Roof Rats, Norway Rats and House Mice. Made with Food-Grade Ingredients Preferred By Rodents. Excellent Indoors or Outdoors. Includes […]

Simple Guide For Rat and House Mouse Identification

See also: Rodent Control Solutions Rodent Information Rodent Biology This is a simple and easy to understand guide to help any homeowner determine what is being heard moving around in your attic and crawl spaces, whether roof rats, Norway rats, or the house mouse.  Good information and easy to implement solutions for all your rodent needs. House Mouse The house […]

Mighty Mouse Keep Out of Your House

Rats and mice are a pest control nightmare that are not only a nuisance but dangerous as well.  They are carriers of numerous diseases such as; murine typhus, leptospirosis, trichinosis, salmonellosis (food poisoning), and ratbite fever. Plague is a disease that can be carried by both roof and Norway rats, but in California it is […]

Tips on Using Victor Rodent Traps

1.  Location, Location, LOCATION! The most important rule for the effective use of traps is good trap placement location based on thorough inspections to determine the high-activity areas of rodents. Spacing traps evenly every 10 feet may appear visually as “thorough coverage and protection” of the room. However, such placements make little sense if the […]

Rat and Mice Inspection Tips

See also: Rodent Control Solutions Rodent Information Rodent Biology Mice at a Glance Pro-Ketch Multiple Catch Mousetrap Product Information Doing a thorough and complete inspection of your structure will help you use the right products for your specific needs and help you be successful in your rodent control solutions. Identifying specific rodents and their populations. […]

Victor Snap Traps "Tips for Professionals"

√ Designed Specifically For Pest Management Professionals √ Adjustable Trigger Traps are equipped with a setting control which allows you to use a soft/sensitive set for normal situations or a firmer set in situations where vibrating machinery could prematurely set off a trap. To use: Set trap, and then move arm towards the firm orsoft […]

Rodent Information (Rats and Mice)

See also: Rodent Control Solutions Rodent Information Rodent Biology Rodent Proof Your Home and Commercial Property Norway Rat Rattus norvegicus Roof Rat Rattus rattus House Mouse Mus Musculus AVERAGE WEIGHT 10-17 ounces 6-12 ounces ½-3/4 ounce BODY Heavy, broad 7”-10” Long, blunt head Slender 6.5”-8” long, pointed muzzle Average body 2.5” -3.5” long TAIL 6”-8.5” […]

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