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Number 1 selling in the Nation......Mantis 1 x 2 Flylight Find out why!

The Mantis 1 x 2 fly light is the number one seller in the nation and maybe even the world...want to know why.

Summertime and the Living is Easy for Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a tiny, gnat like pest that can be a huge nuisance to home owners, particularly, while trying to enjoy outside family gatherings. There is nothing that says ick like having guests over and watching them battle over their juicy piece of cantaloupe with a swarm of fruit flies. In this article we […]

Controlling Flies in a Food Preparation Environment

If you are in any type of customer oriented business, one quick way to end repeat business is with this three letter word; F-L-Y. Consciously or subconsciously, people detest the sight of buzzing flies in any area that they want to spend their hard earned money, but most especially in places that are preparing their […]

Commerical Fruit Fly Control Recommendations

Commerical Fruit Fly Control Recommendations Effective fruit fly control in a commercial kitchen can be as much about sanitation as chemical application. One of the number one problems facing professional pest control operators today when working in restaurants is small flies, and in particular fruit flies. We at epestsolutions have put together a commercial fruit fly control kit with the essential components used by professionals to effectively manage fruit flies.

Fly Light Placement Selection Recommendations

Where you place your flylight is just as important and keep it working. When to replace your bulbs and glueboards on your fly lights to keep them as effective as possible.

Controlling Filth Flies

In the food industry it is not only important to control flies for sanitation purposes, but also for the continue survival of your business. Customers will not continue to visit and eat at an establishment with a constant fly issue.

The Benefits of a Fly Light

Fly lights are a great way to control flies and other flying insects. It is the light that attracts them; however, sometimes pheromones are used as well. Once the flying invaders get close to the light, they buzz around until they bump into a sticky pad that is usually non-toxic. On contact, it catches the […]

Fly Problems? How to Treat a Fly Infestation

Summertime is prime time for flies to increase activity and become a problem for the do it yourself pest controller. There are many of types of flies that can cause a problem in our homes.  There are house flies, fruit flies, blue and green bottle flies, and moth flies.  Flies are prolific proliferators and eat […]

Adult Fly Removal

Flies are not just a pest, they are an absolute nuisance. They come into your home through cracks and crevices and there is just no way to stop them. When you have a problem like this, you generally want to contact a professional. These people are called a PMP. Your PMP, or Pest Management Professional, […]

Fly Light Postioning

There is really no absolute rule to fly light positioning, but they do need to be positioned in a way that draws flies away from the sensitive areas, rather than towards them.  The ideal height of a fly light is 6 feet off the ground, as this is the typical height most flying insects are […]

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