Snake Out Snake Repellent

Snakes are one of the top phobias, going back thousands of years. In fact, they are one of the most feared pests in the world. You can use Snake Out® to help repel snakes so you won’t have to worry about using harsh materials that could harm your family, pets and property. Of the 2,700 […]

The Hard Job of Controlling Geese

        Coyote Decoy for Geese What are the problems associated withCanada geese?   • Unsightly mess (at least a pound of droppings per day per goose!) • Disease risk: droppings can carry  histoplasmosis (and more) that can be harmful or fatal to humans • Liability of slip‐and‐fall lawsuits or occupational disease lawsuits […]

Squirrel Control Solutions

        Squirrel Control Solutions   The Most common squirrel that is inhabiting the United States is the gray squirrel. These squirrels come in a variety of colors from pure black to pure white and all shades in between. The ideal habitat is a forest filled with oaks, beeches and hickories which provide […]

Humane Way Live Animal Traps is proud to introduce our newest addition to our animal traps:   Humane Way Live Animal Traps.  We are now offering better prices on high quality traps, folding traps and extra large size traps for all your animal control needs.   Humane Way live animal traps give you the means to remove problems with pest critters, while […]

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