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Live Animal Trapping of the Armadillo

Armadillos can become a nuisance in your lawn and garden in their constant search for their favorite food source, worms, insect larvae, pupae and other soil insects. The armadillo is fond of rooting and digging in leaf mold and other rich humus material containing high concentrations of insects. They can cause root damage to shrubs […]

Squirrel Control Solutions

See all our Havahart Traps available The Most common squirrel that is inhabiting the United States is the gray squirrel. These squirrels come in a variety of colors from pure black to pure white and all shades in between. The ideal habitat is a forest filled with oaks, beeches and hickories which provide food and […]

Keeping Larger Animals out of your Garden

While I can’t wait for the summer to feast on fresh ripe tomatoes and melons, I can always do without the disappointment of walking out to the garden to see all of my hard work trampled and tasted by area wild life.  Deer, rabbits, dogs and cats can all do their own particular type of […]

How to Make Your Havahart Trap More Successful

When you are thinking about using Live animal traps to help with your pest problem having the right trap and knowing how to set it properly will help make your trapping more successful. Havahart manufacturers a very large selection of traps in many different sizes and are specific for animal types.  Havahart® live animal traps […]


This article is for controlling nuisance armadillos, why they are attracted to your yard and proper methods of live animal trapping for them.  Armadillos can become a nuisance in your lawn and garden in their constant search for their favorite food source, worms, insect larvae, pupae and other soil insects. Armadillos are 15-20 inches long, […]

Raccoon Animal Traps

Raccoons are easily frightened from our gardens, but can become very aggressive when a femal is protecting her litter.  They have been known to inflict wounds on even large dogs that were fatal. Raccoons are typically 18-28 inches in size and weigh about 5-35 lbs, gestation period is 63 days.  They usually have 3-5 in […]

How to Kill Gophers with JT eaton Gopher Bait

    Nice Video on JT Eaton Rodent Bait Blocks for rodents and Gophers on Youtube.com Gopher BAIT BLOCKS®   JT EATON™ ANSWER® For The Control Of Pocket Gophers KILLS GOPHERS #277   Sold West of the Mississippi only Resealable 10-lb. pail Packed 40 4 oz. bars per pail               […]

Introducing Talpirid ® Mole Trap By Bell Labs

Talpirid ® Mole Trap By Bell Labs Bell Laboratories has engineered a heavy-duty dual-spring trap, designed for use by the professional pest control market. TALPIRID Mole Trap offers professionals speed and safety inservicing mole accounts. This specially designed “hands-free” trap is fast and easy to place and set. When set, the low-profile trap sits close […]

Snake Out Snake Repellent

Snakes are one of the top phobias, going back thousands of years. In fact, they are one of the most feared pests in the world. You can use Snake Out® to help repel snakes so you won’t have to worry about using harsh materials that could harm your family, pets and property. Of the 2,700 […]

The Hard Job of Controlling Geese

        Coyote Decoy for Geese What are the problems associated withCanada geese?   • Unsightly mess (at least a pound of droppings per day per goose!) • Disease risk: droppings can carry  histoplasmosis (and more) that can be harmful or fatal to humans • Liability of slip‐and‐fall lawsuits or occupational disease lawsuits […]

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