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Benefits of Using Animal Traps, Part I

Top benefits of using animal traps Chemical free – Probably the biggest reason people choose to use animal traps is that they do not require the use of harsh chemicals. Some of these chemicals can cause respiratory problems or other sickness in people or other animals. They can also cause damage to plants, beneficial insects […]

Tips for Using Animal Traps

Tips for Using Animal Traps Sometimes unwanted animals can invade both your indoor and outdoor living spaces. In a case like this, you will need more protection than a simple mouse trap. This is why animal traps are important for such cases and they can be very effective in getting rid of those unwanted animals […]

Animal Traps Offer a Chemical Free Alternative to Rodent Control

Animal traps can be used to trap a variety of animals from rats to small dogs. They come in a variety of sizes, prices and types. Different types of animal traps Ÿ  Havahart and Humane Way traps- These traps offer a humane and chemical free way of getting rid of larger pests. They can be […]

Controlling Pests on Pets

Pet lover’s, who also live in the deep and humid south, know how expensive and time consuming it can be to keep your pets safe and free from insect pests.  Mosquitoes that can carry heartworms and cause allergic reactions, while fleas and tick that carry a number of vector borne illnesses, as well as tape […]

Skunk Control Solutions

See all our Havahart Traps available Skunks are members of the weasel family and there are four species of skunk in North America: striped skunks, hooded skunks, spotted skunks and hog-nosed skunks. The most common are striped skunks, measuring 20 to 30 inches long (including the tail) and weighing 6 to 10 pounds with two […]

Additional information for trapping Armadillos, Chipmunks and Opposums using Havahart traps

See all our Havahart Traps available   Armadillos | Chipmunks | Opossums | General Trapping Tips from Havahart Trapping Armadillos To live trap an armadillo, you will need the 1050 or 1079 cage trap. In order to entice the animal into the trap, you will need to construct a funnel of sorts to lead the […]

Racoon Animal Traps

Raccoons are easily frightened from our gardens, but can become very aggressive when a femal is protecting her litter.  They have been known to inflict wounds on even large dogs that were fatal. Raccoons like skunks can be very destructive to lawns and gardens due to their constant grubbing in search of their food source.  […]

How to Deal with Squirrel Pests

Squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage or become a simple nuisance to the homeowner when the squirrel decides to use the facility or house for their nest. Squirrels commonly will gnaw their way into attics and floor joists for food storage or to take up residence, moving into spaces in between walls and floors. They can gain access through vents, broken windows, knotholes, and construction gaps under eaves and gables. In this article we discuss ways to handle a squirrel pest problem.

Big Animal Trouble? Trapping Recommendations....

The following tips should be used when preparing to live catch your nuisance animal.

Recommendations for Trapping Wild Animals

Additional information for trapping Armadillos, Chipmunks and Opposums using Havahart traps General Trapping Tips See all our Havahart Traps available Havahart Cage Trap Model 1079 Easy to bait, set and release, this high tensile wire mesh trap is steel reinforced for long life and maximum resistance to damage. The smooth inside edges are for the […]

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