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Pest Control is something you can wait until summer to deal with, right? Wrong! Here’s why winter is high time to get to work.

Here at ePestSolutions, we know a thing or two about infestations. You’re probably well aware that the summer months with their beautiful, warm weather days that allow you to fling open you windows come at the cost of unwanted houseguests. Anything from creepy crawlers to fuzzy creatures, who might be cute if you came across […]

Pest Proof Your Home This Winter

Wasn’t summer great? Beautiful long sunny days followed by clear cool nights. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. It’s fall and time to pack up the swimming suits and bring out the sweaters and snow gear. Pests are also packing it up but they are moving it into your house. Here’s a list of pests you […]

Get Rid of Geese and Other Small Animals with the 3-D Coyote

Do you have unwanted pests on the premises of your home and don’t know what to do?  Our lifelike 3-D Coyote will help you rid of them for good.   It is a fake coyote decoy that will help you rid your home or business of geese, ducks, seagulls, rabbits, skunks, rodents, and many more.  Easy […]

How to Put Together the Easy Up Giant Folding Trap

If you have or are considering purchasing the Easy Up Giant Folding Trap than we have a diagram here for you that can help you put it together fast and easy.  You can find those instructions HERE.  Now putting this trap together and getting rid of those pests for good has never been safer or […]

How to Put Together the Humane Way “Easy-Up” Animal Trap

If you’re trying to get rid of a live animal, we strongly recommend the Human Way “Easy-Up” Animal Trap.  And if you decided to purchase this item or already have, we have simple to follow instructions of how to put it together.  You can find these instructions HERE.  Now trapping live animals has never been […]

Eight Very Important Questions About Canada Geese

Canada Geese are very Beautiful Creatures.  Most people don’t realize however, they are also very dangerous to Humans.  They can ruin your landscape with the pound or more per day of droppings that each Goose lets out.  Also, in those droppings histoplasmosis, which can be fatal to humans.  These are just some of the things […]

How You Will Receive a Pre Assembled Live Animal Trap

If you were ever wondering, and we know you were, how the pre assembled live animal traps look and what parts are used for them, than we can help.  Here we have made it simple by inserting a diagram that you can view HERE.  Just have a look here to make sure that the item […]

Tree Squirrels and Flying Squirrel Control

Squirrels can cause quite a bit of damage or become a simple nuisance to the homeowner when the squirrel decides to use the facility or house for their nest.  Squirrels commonly will gnaw their way into attics and floor joists for food storage or to take up residence.  Moving into spaces in between walls and […]

General Trapping Tips

Recommendations for Trapping Wild Animals Additional information for trapping Armadillos, Chipmunks and Opposums using Havahart traps See all our Havahart Traps available The following tips should be used when preparing to live catch your nuisance animal. Havahart® recommends that you contact the Humane Society, or the local or state game commission before setting a trap […]

Benefits to Using Animal Traps, Part III: Havahart Traps

This traps name says it all; it is one of the most animal friendly traps on the line. No matter what size of style you get they are all made with smooth, protective edges inside the cage to prevent injury or damage to the animal. Benefits to using Havahart traps Havahart traps can trap any […]

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