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Mouse Glue Traps

Rodents are among the most successful mammals on the planet, they are high adaptable to their surroundings and therefore are able to survive in almost any type of surroundings.  When the conditions are favorable Mice can reproduce quickly.  They are able to utilize sophisticated behavior pattern to avoid dangers from their predators including us. There […]

Raccoon Animal Traps

Raccoons are easily frightened from our gardens, but can become very aggressive when a femal is protecting her litter.  They have been known to inflict wounds on even large dogs that were fatal. Raccoons are typically 18-28 inches in size and weigh about 5-35 lbs, gestation period is 63 days.  They usually have 3-5 in […]


Because rats typically utilize secluded spots near their runways and tunnels as also eating area, piles of food residue, nuts, seeds, shells or indigestible food items) may been seen and indicate a infestation.   Homeowners may also notice cats and dogs performing excited sniffing and probe certain areas, this may be an indication of a […]

Mouse Traps

Mouse snap traps can be highly effective tool for controlling mice.  Here are some helpful tips on trapping mice with snap traps and the various kinds available. You may consider tying the bait securely t the trigger to prevent the rodent from licking or nibbling on the bait without setting the mechanism off.  If for […]

Humane Way Live Animal Traps

ePestSolutions.com is proud to introduce our newest addition to our animal traps:   Humane Way Live Animal Traps.  We are now offering better prices on high quality traps, folding traps and extra large size traps for all your animal control needs.   Humane Way live animal traps give you the means to remove problems with pest critters, while […]