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How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Termites

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Termites in your home and yard:   ePestSolutions: Your Online Do It Yourself Pest Control Store Most professional pest control chemicals are approved for specific use in one industry, but not another. Because of the differences in pest control chemicals, we make it simple to shop for exactly […]

Pests: Termites 101

Termite Control You find out that you definitely have a termite problem, now what? It’s always a good idea to learn a bit more about the pest inside your home, so you can act accordingly. So, here’s some info about termites that you maybe don’t know about. The Silent Destroyer Termites are often called the […]

Phantom Kills Termites—Plus Other Pests

If you already have a termite problem—or just want to do everything in your power to keep these destructive pests away—you’d probably be willing to pay a small fortune to get rid of them. Fortunately, that may not be necessary. Phantom Termiticide is an effective and relatively inexpensive product that can help wipe out termite infestations.