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Three main rodents invade our structures the Norway rat, Roof Rat and the House mouse.  There is very large line of professional traps, glue boards, baits and bait stations for all your rat control needs.  Knowing which product and their location is the harder part of rat control. The Norway rat has an average body […]

Mouse Control

The physical ability of the mouse is amazing as most homeowners can attest to their rapid speed when you are trying to trap them.  Mice have been measured up to speeds of 12 feet per second and can jump an amazing 2 feet high.  The mouse is an excellent climber and can scale any rough […]

Rat Control: The Problem with Rodents

More than any other pest, rodents generate more concern for homeowners, facility owners and pest management professionals.  Exterior control of rodents is a key part in management and will be addressed in this article. There is more to rodent control then simply placing rodent bait stations and keeping them filled with bait.  But this is […]