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Supplies for Getting Rid of Rats Part III: Rat Traps

When you are unable to use rat bait due to safety concerns or other reasons, or the smell of decomposing bodies is unacceptable, rat traps are a great alternative. How to use rat traps One of the most important aspects of correctly and effectively using rat traps is location. You want to put the traps […]

All About Rats and Rat Traps

Rat traps are very effective in the effort to rid your home, yard, and property of rats
for good. Rats like discreet entrances and exits to your home and yard. They like
large pieces of trash to live in like abandoned cars, old couches, crawl spaces, behind
cupboards, in attics, in basements, behind furnaces, and by hot water heaters. They

Rodent Control Products Just Like the Professionals

Rodent Control Products Just Like the Professionals

Looking for Rodent control solutions? Look not further than ePestSolutions the leader in the Do it yourself pest control industry. We offer the same professional rodent control products used by pest control technicians and a low price for everyone trying to do there on rodent control.