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DIY Pest Control Gift Ideas from ePestSolutions

Christmas has a way of sneaking up on the ill prepared. One minute you are enjoying the fall colors and the next you are getting an invitation to your friends Christmas party. So start thinking about the gifts you are going to get your friends now. To really impress your friends, make sure you find […]

Pest Control Products Perfect for the Do It Yourself Crowd

Many people mistakenly assume that in order to get really good pest control products, you have to be a licensed professional. While it’s true that there are some strong, commercial-grade chemicals and treatments that are solely for professional exterminators, there are lots of highly effective options for the average person. Advances in technology, coupled with […]

Be a Savvy Shopper of Pest Control Products

When shopping around for pest control products, there are so many choices that it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. However, there are a few basic things to consider that can help narrow down the choices (and ensure you get the best deal). Things to consider when buying pest control products First, consider exactly what […]

How to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in your home can be extremely annoying and particularly disheartening if you have experienced the itchy red welts commonly accompanied with an infestation. What’s even more frustrating is that these pests can be incredibly difficult to get rid of without the proper tools. With recent rises in infestations across America, it pays to […]

Do It Yourself Pest Control Products

Buying and using your own pest control products is becoming more popular as people realize they can purchase the same products that professional pest control technicians use but charge you an arm and a leg for using them. What will make you an effective DIY pest controller is using the products exactly as stated in […]