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How to Set Up Your Mistaway Gen 3 Plus Tankless Unit for Winter

1. Flush coupler, dosing pump and insecticide flow line first with clean water and then with air. a. Thread PLUS-CAP onto a vented bottle filled with clean water. b. Execute a Manual Charge to flush the dosing pump and line with clean water. (MAINTENANCE Menu, scroll to CHG. Press Green ► button 5 seconds.) c. […]

Mistaway’s Gen 1.3 Zone Kit Installation Instructions

If you have found yourself in a predicament after purchasing Mistaway’s Gen 1.3 Zone Kit where you do not know how to install it, we are here to help.  Attached here are the Gen 1.3 Zone Kit Installation Instructions.  Click on the link and it will lead you to a pictured diagram with detailed instructions […]

Mistaway’s Gen 3 Zone Kit Installation Instructions

Mistaway’s products are some of the best weapons for your buck in the do it yourself pest control world.  Their Zone Kits are no exception.  Sometimes putting things like this together properly takes some instruction and we are happy to help.  Attached HERE you will find the detailed instructions plus pictured diagrams of how to […]

Mistaway Systems Slimline Copper Risers Features and Benefits

MistAway Slimline Copper Risers are designed with unique interlocking grooves that quickly connect to any of MistAway’s nickel plated brass fittings. Made of rigid copper tubing, the riser is durable enough to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions without the possibility of leaking. MistAway Copper Risers are used for multiple types of installations. Most commonly the […]

The Benefits and Specs of Mistaway Slimline Nozzles

MistAway Slimline misting nozzles are made of 316 Stainless Steel and are precision machined to the highest standards. The MistAway Slimline nozzle can easily be maintained for years without having to replace the nozzle tip. After years of testing a combination of anti-drip spring tensions and filters we have designed a precision nozzle that when […]

The Evolution of Mistaway Systems Products

Have you ever started a company?  Have you ever wanted to?  Well, like anyone else, you always have to start somewhere.  And to ensure that your business grows you will always have to change with the times and the technology. Mistaway System is no different.  They had a dream to provide people with the best […]