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Backyard Mosquito Control

Well this year I say declare war of those blood, disease spreading pest! We have the tools, chemicals and advice to keep you from getting bit this year. No matter what your budget we can offer some type of treatment to take back your back yard.
Yards that have a lot of foliage or surrounded by heavy brush tend to have a harder time controlling the mosquito population. This is when it may be time for you to think about investing in a MistAway Mosquito Misting System or a good Fogger.

Mistaway Drum Based Misting System Gen 1.2 Operating Manual

Sometimes when I buy an item, I will either toss away the manual before I am done with it or the product itself doesn’t come with one.  We always want to make sure our customer has everything they need to know about the products they buy, so we keep the information here at our website.  […]

How to Set Up Your Mistaway Gen 3 Tankless Unit for Winter

1. Flush coupler, dosing pump and insecticide flow line first with clean water and then with air. a. Thread PRO-CAP onto a vented bottle filled with clean water. b. Execute a Manual Charge to flush the dosing pump and line with clean water. (MAINTENANCE Menu, INS, then press all three (► ▲ ▼) arrow buttons […]

Mistaway Systems Spring Start Up Procedures

To restart systems that have been shut down over the winter, follow these steps to ensure a smooth startup: All Systems Check that the clock shows the correct time and that the mist cycles are programmed as desired. Also, ensure that the system mode (AUTO/ON/OFF) is correct. Clean or replace the suction filter. Flush the […]