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Does Maxforce Fly Bait Live up to the Hype?

For years, people have believed that they only had the choice of fly swatters or glue traps to handle problems with flies.  Many people have since heard of Maxforce fly bait, but honestly, many wonder whether a fly bait could actually work or not.  After all, these pests don’t usually crawl around like roaches or […]

Fly Control Recommendations for a Resturant

Fly Control Recommendations for a Resturant   There is a multitude of ways to control flies, I have listed below a complete recommendation.  But if you are going to go with only a few items then a good flylight and the fly spot would be the recommendation.     Fly spot http://www.epestsolutions.com/maxforce-fly-spot-fly-bait.html  This is something […]

Sorry to hear you have flies!

Sorry to Hear that flies were giving our customers such a problem and that the buzzing was driving them crazy so we have put together some summer fly control recommendations. Whether it is your home, barn or resturant we have all the solutions you will every need.

With a Masters Degree in Entomology and over 12 years in the pest control and research industry we know our stuff!