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SUSPEND SC INSECTICIDE: 5 Ways To Use This Great Product

When you begin searching around for an ideal pest control solution, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. For starters, you’ll always want to gravitate towards solutions that have multiple uses. Remember that just because you’re battling a spider infestation today doesn’t mean that the next problem you face will be […]

Fighting Insects in Hard to Reach Areas

Insects aren’t just small, they can also be very quick, agile and surprisingly clever. This combination can make it very tough to find them, let alone get rid of them. In addition, they can climb, crawl and jump on virtually all kinds of surfaces. Often, we less nimble humans are astonished at the ways these small pests manage to get around, and the areas they somehow figure out a way to access.

Bora-Care Technical Bulletin: Log Home & Dimensional Lumber

BORA-CARE is an effective wood preservative and long-lasting termiticide, insecticide and fungicide available to today’s log home owner. It is a “green” product that can be used effectively to prevent insect infestation and wood rot or fungus damage in new homes, as well as eliminate active infestations in older homes. One BORA-CARE treatment delivers years […]

Controlling the Common House Ant

House ants Controlling the Common House Ants Ants are social insects, and as a whole can be the most difficult household pest to control.  With some ants spraying the ant trails only makes the infestations worse.  Included in this article are a few characteristics of the most common house ants, Pharaoh, argentine, black ant, odorous […]