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Bad Weather Decreases Insect Breeding

Recent research seems to indicate that bad weather cuts down on insect reproduction, at least for the short-term. As Smithsonian Magazine and other media outlets reported, when researchers studying insect behavior simulated changes in air pressure (which often signify stormy weather approaching), the bugs showed a significant decrease in mating and breeding activity.

Bed Bug Resurgence

The resurgence of this age old pest has become a significant problem in dorm rooms, hotels, apartments, and permanent residences alike. Today’s mobile society and the loss of key pesticide tools present a unique challenge for Pest Management Professionals trying to successfully control bed bugs. A variety of methods need to be implemented for a successful management program.

Options to Eliminate Ants in Your Home and Yard

It is important to review all of your options when eliminating ants in your home and yard. Ants, love them or hate them, they are here to stay.  There are more nuisance ants then there are days in a week.  Busy little workers, they are always moving here or there, carrying some large prize with […]