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How to Get Rid of Ants

When it comes to knowing the best ways to get rid of ants, you can take comfort in knowing it’s not all that difficult. In fact, there are several treatment methods that can be used to kill ants, which allows you to choose one that you believe will work best for you and your situation.

How to Kill Ants Easily

Ants are probably one of the most common pest control problems a homeowner may face. Fortunately, it is also among the easiest to handle on a do-it-yourself basis. When launching a battle against an ant invasion, you have many weapons available to use in killing your foes. When deciding how to kill ants, there are […]

How to Kill Ants Successfully without an Exterminator

Ants are one of the biggest nuisances in the pest world. You can get them easily and it is hard to get rid of them. Also, because of their size the can fit through or into almost anything. Imagine opening up your pantry to an ant infestation. Unfortunately, that’s not an uncommon thing; it’s normally dark and there are plenty of snacks to go around. When your home is affected by ants you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible without too much hassle. ePest Solutions can help! Along with our top of the line, professional products, we offer many different tools to teach you how to kill ants once and for all.

How To Kill Ants, Part 2

In our last blog we talked about the first step in how to kill ants: identifying the type of ant that you’re dealing with. Today we’ll talk about the second step to kill ants, which is choosing the right type of product to kill whichever type of any you have.

How to Kill Ants, Part 1

There are about 570 species of ant in the United States. But of those, fewer than 30 species may regularly infest homes and other buildings, and only ten species are considered major pests. Here, we’ll discuss the seven most common types of ants – you’ll need to identify the type of ant you’re dealing with in order to learn how to kill ants effectively.

A Quick Tutorial on How to Kill Ants

With over 12,000 species of ants on this planet, it is easy to see why so many people
have problems with them and want to learn how to kill ants as soon as they spill a little
sugar and forget to wipe it up. They like sweets and they like to hang out in your garden.
The ones you need to take care of right away are carpenter ants. They can eat their
way through a wooden fence or even through your home.

How to Kill Ants That Bug You!

Ants are nature’s resourceful creatures, but when they cross the line into your territory, you may want to keep reading on how to kill ants. If you want to be successful at your first attempt – and who wouldn’t – you need to identify what type of ants you are being invaded by. Consult with […]

Facts About Ants

More than 10,000 species may exist worldwide. Approximately 570 species occur in the United States and of these, fewer than 30 species may regularly infest homes and other buildings with only ten species considered major pests. Ants have succeeded in replacing other types of structural pests as the number one pest in homes in many parts of the United States

How to Kill Carpenter Ants will Professional Pest Control Products

u basically have only a few options and some will work better than others. Exterior perimeter treatments will work well if you are using something like Premise or Termidor, there are both non repelling so ants will continue to move about the chemical application area. Other chemical such as Suspend, Cyzmic and Talstar will help keep the ants away from the structure, but will not be effective on colonies that are already located inside.