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Using Glue Traps to Capture Mice and Rats

There is a wide range of options for rodent control, including traps and poisonous baits. But for areas where poisonous baited traps are not feasible (like food processing plants, kitchens, restaurants, and homes with kids and pets), non-poisonous glue traps can be safe, effective means of rodent control.

Mice: The Winter Invader

The cool air of fall and approaching winter can bring in unwanted pests, like mice, who are searching for a warm haven from the harsh weather. Before mice can make their way into your home, mouse proof your residence so that the only guests you have for the holidays are the two legged kind. In this article we review prevention techniques and treatment options if mice have already invaded.

Mice Infestation Control Options

There are various treatment options if you see signs of a mouse infestation. Many treatment options can be used in conjunction with one another to increase the effectiveness of controlling a mouse infestation. Signs of a mouse infestation might be chewed electrical wires, mouse dropping and gnawed wood. In this article we examine the different treatment options available to the DIY pest controller.