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How to Control a Rat Infestation

The different manners of dealing with a rodent infestation are outlined below.  We have already addressed a couple of them in our previous articles, namely Sanitation and Exclusion. Predators: The rodents’ natural predators can be a great help to the common homeowner.  Our first instinct is to think of the family dog or cat as […]

Mouse Glue Traps

Rodents are among the most successful mammals on the planet, they are high adaptable to their surroundings and therefore are able to survive in almost any type of surroundings.  When the conditions are favorable Mice can reproduce quickly.  They are able to utilize sophisticated behavior pattern to avoid dangers from their predators including us. There […]

Perfect Fly light Control Satalite 40 Wall Sconce

Looking for the perfect fly light for your resturant or office and do not want the customers knowing what it is?  Look no further than the Satalite Professional Ultraviolet fly trap. The Satalite Professional Ultraviolet fly trap incorporates pheromone impregnated glue traps with new high powered UV bulbs to attract flying insect pests over a […]