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Bed Bug Resurgence

The resurgence of this age old pest has become a significant problem in dorm rooms, hotels, apartments, and permanent residences alike. Today’s mobile society and the loss of key pesticide tools present a unique challenge for Pest Management Professionals trying to successfully control bed bugs. A variety of methods need to be implemented for a successful management program.

Control German Roaches

You: hi monica I have german roaches..does invict contain a growth inhibitor?   You: and is it designed specifically for german roaches?  monica: no it does not you would need to look at the gentrol aerosol or point system  monica: http://www.epestsolutions.com/mm5/merchant.mvc? Gentrol Link  monica: Yes the invict is great for german roaches  You: should i get the genrtol or point along with […]

Catalyst Insecticide 16 fl oz

Catalyst® Insecticide Tough infestations need Catalyst®—quick knockdown and residual control of roaches, ants and stored product pests. Target Pests = Cockroaches, stored product pests, fruit & drain flies, ants, crickets and other pests infesting commercial areas. Mix 3.2 oz of formulation in one gallon of water to make a 0.5% a.i. end use dilution Stable, […]