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The How Do’s and Benefits of Using Fly Lights for Killing Flies

Although visitors don’t usually cringe at a random fly unless it’s hovering around food, these pests can still become quite annoying. Homeowners have found a number of ways to rid themselves of flies over the decades, but for some reason, few have stumbled onto fly lights.

Fly Lights: An Effective (and Improved) Weapon Against Annoying Pests

Flies aren’t just annoying—they can also be dangerous, because they spread germs and disease. So keeping these pests away from your home, family and business is a very important task. Fly lights are an effective pest-killer Fly lights are an effective choice for killing these pests. These lights are especially popular for businesses and restaurants, […]

Sorry to hear you have flies!

Sorry to Hear that flies were giving our customers such a problem and that the buzzing was driving them crazy so we have put together some summer fly control recommendations. Whether it is your home, barn or resturant we have all the solutions you will every need.

With a Masters Degree in Entomology and over 12 years in the pest control and research industry we know our stuff!