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The Benefits of a Fly Light

Fly lights are a great way to control flies and other flying insects. It is the light that attracts them; however, sometimes pheromones are used as well. Once the flying invaders get close to the light, they buzz around until they bump into a sticky pad that is usually non-toxic. On contact, it catches the […]

Perfect Fly light Control Satalite 40 Wall Sconce

Looking for the perfect fly light for your resturant or office and do not want the customers knowing what it is?  Look no further than the Satalite Professional Ultraviolet fly trap. The Satalite Professional Ultraviolet fly trap incorporates pheromone impregnated glue traps with new high powered UV bulbs to attract flying insect pests over a […]

Mantis 2X2 Professional Insect Light Trap

Mantis 2X2 Professional Insect Light Trap   Ceiling-suspended: able to protect large areas. Double-sided extra large capture area. Can be placed above isles with no possibility of fly fallout. This double sided ceiling suspended unit protects large open areas with no possibility of fly fallout. Can be placed above aisles. 360° protection from 60 watts […]

Mantis 1×2 Professional Insect Light Trap

Mantis 1×2 Professional Insect Light Trap   Portable and ideal for use in food preparation areas and a variety of sensitive areas. Attractive, ultra slim, wall mounted unit (freestanding baracket available) compact and unintrusive. High Quality Utilizing Advanced Glue Board technology In Slim-Line Designs FEATURES: Quantum BL lamps for maximum attraction Large full-size glue boards […]

IQ Standard Fly Light Best Price Value

IQ Standard Fly light Features & Benefits Removable grate for fast servicing & cleaning Glue boards slide in & out for fast & hygienic replacement Removable insect catch tray adds extra sanitation Extra long 10ft. Power Cord 3 – 15W, 18″ shatterproof UV reflector tubes Pheromone impregnated glue board Durable construction UL listed 2 mounting […]