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Consider Your Options for Fly Control

Flies can seem to come out of nowhere—and before you know it, they’re everywhere. If you need an effective solution for a fly infestation, you have several options to help get rid of this problem. Choose your weapon for fly control The first—and most obvious—option is an insect spray. This works quickly and kills on […]

Fly Control to Major Tom, Your Flies are Dead, There’s Nothing Wrong

Getting rid of flies can be annoying and sometimes difficult. There are more than 120,000 different species in the world and although most of them live only about 3 weeks, they are consistently reproducing. Each female fly lays about 500 eggs in her lifetime and those eggs become larvae within about a day and then in less than a week they are fully grown and ready to mate. Most of the time flies populate in areas where they can find rotten natural materials or feces. In those areas fly control is especially important.

Keeping Flies Away

Nothing is a more unwelcomed sight than to have flies zooming about inside of your home. Not only is it annoying but an unwanted fly problem can be very embarrassing as well. The presence of flies is somehow tied to notions of unsanitary. One way to keep flies under control is to limit their entrance into your home in the first place. In this article, we will discuss how to keep flies from entering your home.

Perfect Fly light Control Satalite 40 Wall Sconce

Looking for the perfect fly light for your resturant or office and do not want the customers knowing what it is?  Look no further than the Satalite Professional Ultraviolet fly trap. The Satalite Professional Ultraviolet fly trap incorporates pheromone impregnated glue traps with new high powered UV bulbs to attract flying insect pests over a […]

Vector Plasma Fly Light: Flying insect control made easy!

If you own resturant, deli, or any type of area that attracts flies and other bothersome insects then the Vector Plasma very well might be the best invention on the market!     Customer Comments: The Vector Plasma works GREAT! Love it! Alan Available Options: Option A and Option B Screened        Maximum […]