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Things to Consider When Choosing Fly Traps

When considering options for controlling flies, trap products are one of the most common choices. Fly traps come in a wide variety of forms, so you will want to think about which might be best for your purposes (and preferences). A glue strip is the most basic option, and also the cheapest. The downside: it […]

A Fly Light Trap Kills Flies So You Don’t Have To

Have you been invaded by flies? These pests are annoying and also carry bacteria and disease, so of course you want to get rid of them. But constantly swatting at them takes a lot of time—and generally isn’t very effective anyway. So what can you do? We suggest trying a fly light trap. These traps […]

Become a Fearsome Flea Killer

Fleas can make things very uncomfortable for you and your pets because their bites can be itchy and uncomfortable, even painful. Fleas can be scary because they are notorious for multiplying quickly and being very tough to eliminate. Have no fear—you can be a powerful flea killer in no time! While it’s true that fleas […]