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Save Time and Money and Do Your Own Pest Control

Many people are faced with pest control issues every day. Whether you have cockroaches, ants, birds, rats, etc., it can be a huge disturbance and nuisance in your life. You have to find an exterminator, make an appointment, be there for the appointment, and then pay for the exterminator’s time and supplies. It really can be an exhausting process; so why not skip all of that and do your own pest control?

Non Toxic Bed Bug Prevention

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of finding your home invaded by bed bugs, I can pretty much bet that you NEVER want to experience a bed bug infestation again. But, since bed bugs can go up to a year without a meal, you have to be dedicated to monitoring for any bed bug activity that you may have missed. In this article, we discuss some easy and non toxic DIY ways to keep bed bugs out of your home.

Chemical Control Options for Ants

When attempting to control ants with chemicals, the most basic options are direct application to the mounds or a broadcast application. It must be noted, that to reduce your ant populations, you must kill the queen. So either application of chemical control must meet that objective to be considered a success. In this article we review direct and broad cast applications for ant control.

Earwigs and How to Control Them

Earwigs are generally a nuisance pest, and don’t cause much stir for homeowners. But last year, Houston saw an invasion of earwigs in previously unprecedented proportions due to an unusually hot summer. With an unusually warm winter, be prepared for a hotter summer. In this article, we discuss earwigs and what to do in case earwigs try to move indoors again.

Diatomaceous Earth: Friend of the DIY Pest Controller

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring substance composed of fossilized shells and water plants. Since it is not toxic to the environment or humans, it has numerous uses in pest control. In this article, we will discuss diatomaceous earth and its various uses for the do it yourself pest controller.

How Can You Save Money on Termite Control? Taurus SC is the Answer!

How can you save money on termite control? Taurus SC is the answer. The generic version of the well known product Termidor. Taurus uses the same chemical compositions at a much lower price point.