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DIY Pest Control: 6 Reasons To Skip The Local Pest Control Company

These days it seems like a person can do just about anything on their own! The Do-It-Yourself movement is always growing and encompassing more tasks. Being a home or business owner opens up all kinds of DIY opportunities in home maintenence, and that includes pest control! So go ahead and skip calling the local pest […]

Considering Do It Yourself pest control, but wondering if it’s worth the hassle? Short answer, it totally is!

We understand, you’ve got a busy schedule, and we are sure the last thing you want to do with your free time is hassle with bug or rodent infestations. But, the thing is, do it yourself options aren’t half the hassle you may think and cutting out the middleman comes with more perks that you […]

Suspend SC

Good morning, Here is a product we love, one of the most recommended products. A product called Suspend would be a great solution, labeled for indoor and outdoor use, does not stain, low odor it is basically a great product. Suspend has a long residual because it is microcapsulated, so it hangs around for a […]