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Drain Flies

If you’ve ever seen those pesky, dark winged gnats that fly around drains, then you know what a nuisance they can be – especially when they are in your home or office. These gnats, also called drain flies or moth flies, don’t bite, and tend to congregate around standing water such as drains or toilets […]

Fly Problems? How to Treat a Fly Infestation

Summertime is prime time for flies to increase activity and become a problem for the do it yourself pest controller. There are many of types of flies that can cause a problem in our homes.  There are house flies, fruit flies, blue and green bottle flies, and moth flies.  Flies are prolific proliferators and eat […]

Keeping Flies Away

Nothing is a more unwelcomed sight than to have flies zooming about inside of your home. Not only is it annoying but an unwanted fly problem can be very embarrassing as well. The presence of flies is somehow tied to notions of unsanitary. One way to keep flies under control is to limit their entrance into your home in the first place. In this article, we will discuss how to keep flies from entering your home.

Mantis 1×2 Professional Insect Light Trap

Mantis 1×2 Professional Insect Light Trap   Portable and ideal for use in food preparation areas and a variety of sensitive areas. Attractive, ultra slim, wall mounted unit (freestanding baracket available) compact and unintrusive. High Quality Utilizing Advanced Glue Board technology In Slim-Line Designs FEATURES: Quantum BL lamps for maximum attraction Large full-size glue boards […]