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Not for the light of heart, cockroaches

If you’ve spotted a cockroach in your home, don’t shrug it off as an inevitability. If there is one on the premises, there are likely many more. Spending your free time in a house or apartment with cockroaches is a nasty experience. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to remove cockroaches once they’ve settled into a living space. They’ll eat up your food, damage your possessions made of paper and leave their germs all over your home. Let’s take a look at some tips to eliminate cockroaches. If one doesn’t work, keep trying them and eventually, you’ll get rid of those pesky cockroaches once and for all.

How to Kill Cockroaches Without Killing Your Wallet [Best Sprays for your Buck]

We have all heard the tales about how even nuclear war cannot kill cockroaches – so what hope is there for little ol’ you to do what a hurricane of nukes cannot? You have laid the store-bought cockroach bait, busted out the cockroach spray, and done everything under the sun to avoid having to call […]

Cockroach Baits That Actually Work and How to Use Them

Show me a cockroach and I will show you a dozen store-bought cockroach bait products that will fail in the quest to solve the eternal question of how to kill cockroaches. Sure, the store-bought traps will snag a few critters and give you a bit of an easier mind, but they have all lost the […]

Cockroach Control Maxforce FC Roach Bait

  BAITS Maxforce baits are the number one choice of professionals for controlling cockroaches. They have the ability to eliminate inaccessible populations due to the exclusive Domino Effect,™ a delayed action kill that allows foraging cockroaches to take bait back to the colony — wherever it may be hidden. Maxforce baits also have the advantage […]