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When you have pest problems you want them taken care of quickly, efficiently, and at the best price. Sometimes the best pest control solutions involve more than one product to be thoroughly effective. Here at ePestSolutions we have put together kits of carefully chosen products that directly target a pest problem from all fronts. This […]

No Implants to Kill Carpenter Ants, Their Death Can Be All Natural

Most people have experienced an ant infestation at one point, and many of these individuals have known the annoyance of carpenter ants. Those who don’t wish to use dangerous chemicals in or around their home may be wondering how to kill carpenter ants in the most natural way possible, and luckily for them, there are quite a few ways. A person’s plan of action will depend largely on where the ants are.

How to Use Carpenter Ant Bait and the Different Types Available

Carpenter ants are among some of the most bothersome pests that can find their way into a home. Carpenter ant bait can attract these little nuisances in an effort to have them take poison back to their nest, effectively killing off the entire colony. It’s important, however, to know how to properly use different types of baits. Having the right bait and using it correctly can easily rid a home of these insects.

Carpenter Ants: They Long To Be, Close to You

In some parts of the country, Carpenter Ants can cause more damage than Termites.  They don’t actually eat wood, but they build colonies inside of the existing wood in your homes causing infestations and destroying the foundation of your home.  They are one of the hardest pests to control and can cause severe damage in […]

How to Correctly Identify Your Insect

Carpenter ants are polymorphic meaning that the same species can have multiple sizes of workers. One of the best methods of identifying carpenter ants from other ants, is to look for their specific characteristics. They will have a waist with only one node and a thorax with an evenly rounded upper surface.

How to kill carpenter ants? ePestSolutions Online professional pest control supplies store

How to Kill Carpenter Ants: Basics of Ant Control How to kill carpenter ants? ePestSolutions Online professional pest control supplies store has all the  information and recommendations necessary to get rid of carpenter ants. Product Recommendations for controlling Carpenter Ants are located at the bottom of this page Common Name:  Carpenter Ants Scientific Name:  Camponotus […]

Ant Season Best Sellers

This is one of biggest ant seasons we have seen in a few years and the little guy’s are hoping.  Selecting the correct product can sometimes seem to overwhelming that is why we offer so many different ways to contact us and get the right product. We can always be reached at 1-888-523-7378 our toll […]