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Do It Yourself Bed Bug Control – Information

If you though that bed bugs were a scourge specific to the Middle Ages that had no bearing on modern life, you were probably pretty surprised to discover them in your own home. Perhaps you went on a trip and they hitched a ride home with you in your luggage or on your clothing, or […]

How to Use Your Bed Bug Kit from Epestsolutions.com

If you have purchased or are considering purchasing a bed bug kit, epestsolutions.com can help you out in many ways.  First and foremost, we have entomologists always on hand to answer any questions and lead you in the right direction to what you need for solving all your pest problems.  Second; we have the best […]

Bed Bug: Prevention and Detection

In this article we focus on the epidemic of bed bugs and how to prevent them from entering your home. And, to tell you the truth, I can hardly even write this article. The research alone is causing me to itch in places that I had forgotten could itch. I can no longer accurately assess […]

Bedlam Beats Bed Bug Eggs

Bedlam Insecticide is specially designed to control bed bugs, lice and dust mites. Bedlam is an aerosol product that may be used to treat fabric, garments, and bedding materials, as well as for crack and crevice treatments on and around baseboards, floorboards, headboards, and walls. Only Bedlam is proven to kill bed bugs and their […]