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How to Treat and Inspect for Fire Ants in Your Yard

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fire ant ControlWhen it comes to fire ant control, we can all be a little confused as to the best approach for control. There are so many different types of approach, but really the best is to use a professional strength fire ant bait. What is a bait? It is a insecticide that is created to resemble a food source, so they are coming to it, rather than trying to get the fire ant to come in contact with your chemical. The way it works is that the worker or foraging ants find the bait, take it back to the colony and share if with the larvae, workers and colony. (more…)

How to Treat and Inspect for Flies Outdoors at Your Home


Fly ControlFlies would be considered thumbs down the most recognized and aggravating insect pest on the plant, they are known to ruin picnics and outings and just down right drive us crazy. So how do you control the common house fly? Just as you do for commercial and restaurant accounts, so can you takes steps to control your flies on the outside. (more…)

How to Treat and Inspect for Flies in Your Home


Flies in our home are annoying all on their own, but adding them into a commercial facility or restaurant setting and you are asking for trouble. That is why it is so important to take proper precautions to reduce and eliminate your fly issues in and around your facility. Flies are can give the appearance to customers that you have a sanitation problem and this is not the impression any restaurant or facility would want to have. (more…)


Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants can be very damaging to property, especially due to their many satellite colonies. Don’t let them do any more destruction at your house. Before calling expensive exterminators that will be back again and again, take matters – and your property – into your own hands. Learn how to get rid of carpenter ants with ePestSolutions. Here’s some easy steps to outsmart these tricky and stealthy creatures. (more…)

HOW TO GET RID OF ANTS – Ant Control for the DIYer

DIY Ant Control Solutions

Ant Control DO It YourselfGetting rid of ants in your home is a relatively easy job if you catch the problem early.

If you want to know how to get rid of ants, you should first determine if you are inviting your ant problem. That means you should look for the source the ants are attracted to. This could be some spilled cola under your refrigerator, a piece of candy dropped in a corner or some loose garbage that escaped its container. (more…)


DIY Mosquito Control

Mosquito ControlMosquitoes! These small flying insects can ruin an outdoor event quickly. They can keep you up at night if one gets in your home. We have all probably been about to drop off to sleep only to have our eyes fling open wide as that small, high-pitched buzzzzzz sounds in our ear. Great, well that does of adrenaline will keep you awake for a while. You might as well get out of bed and hunt the flying beast.


The best way to get rid of outdoor mosquitoes is never to have them in the first place. Prevention is worth its weight in gold. How do you prevent mosquitoes? Get rid of all standing water. They breed and drop their eggs into the water. The problem with prevention is that the source of mosquitoes may not be within your control. It may belong to a neighbor or even be a natural source such as a pond or river. The problem with mosquitoes are the females. They need blood to complete their breeding cycle. That is why they bite us. The males are plant sap suckers and do not seek blood. Still, how do you tell one from the other before she plunges her blood sucking straw into our flesh? You must be an expert. Better to be rid of them all then to suffer the feeding whims of the female mosquito.

Mosquito Misting Chemicals

Mosquito ControlMosquito Misting Chemicals are the perfect weapon for the DIY home eradication warrior. These are a system of nozzles that produce a mist or fog that kills mosquitoes and many other kinds of insects. The nozzles are piped around the outside of your home and connect to a central pumping station that pushes the pesticide through the system and out the nozzles. This is a fairly easy system to install and is about on the same complexity as a drip irrigation system.

If you are tired of welts, itching and bits from mosquitoes, then consider this easy to install alternative. The system is good for multiple years of use, and there is a variety of products that you use with the misting system.

SUSPEND SC INSECTICIDE: 5 Ways To Use This Great Product

SUSPEND SC InsecticideWhen you begin searching around for an ideal pest control solution, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. For starters, you’ll always want to gravitate towards solutions that have multiple uses. Remember that just because you’re battling a spider infestation today doesn’t mean that the next problem you face will be the same. If you suddenly have to tackle a bed bug problem six months from now, you’ll want to know that you already have a product that you can depend on. Suspend SC Insecticide is one of the highest quality, most versatile products on the market today because of the many different uses that it is perfect for. (more…)

Do It Yourself Bed Bug Control – Information

Bed Bug Control

If you though that bed bugs were a scourge specific to the Middle Ages that had no bearing on modern life, you were probably pretty surprised to discover them in your own home. Perhaps you went on a trip and they hitched a ride home with you in your luggage or on your clothing, or maybe you bought a second hand piece of furniture and ended up with more than your bargained for. Either way, getting rid of them as quickly as possible is no doubt on your agenda. Fortunately, CY Kick pesticide can help you make those bed bugs a thing of the past. (more…)

New Bait Maxforce Impact

Stopping roaches in their tracks with the new product Maxforce Impact

Here is what makes it special. This stuff has excellent bait acceptance, meaning that the roaches just love this stuff. It has controlled-release BlueBead technology and is designed to work on the modern day bait rotation that seems to be necessary.

Stop the Roaches

Maxforce Impact New Roach Bait

Maxforce Impact is a new roach gel bait uniquely designed for today’s bait rotation strategies with a new matrix and a new bait AI, EPA reduced risk, and highly effective on both averse and non-averse strains of German cockroaches.

Roaches love it because it contains more complex carbohydrates, same here, and is not like a lot of the other roach baits on the market with primarily large amounts of sugar as the attractant. It has a new active ingredient, with an alternate mode of action.

Maxforce Impact is just better at performance, it looks better, and acts differently than other roach baits on the market. Sticks better to vertical surfaces and is better at higher temperatures, does not run or drip.

So if you are finding your roaches are not very interested in the bait they have been ingesting then you may be dealing with aversion roaches and the Maxforce Impact Roach bait is the product to try.

This bait will work on all roaches, American Cockroaches, Brown Banded Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, Smokybrown Cockroaches, Turkestan Cockroaches and can be used inside and outside for large or small roaches.

Watch the video and see why the Maxforce Impact Roach Bait works so great!

Carpenter Bee Control “Get the Buzz Out”

DIY Carpenter Bee Control

Carpenter Bee Control “Get the Buzz Out”


It is not a pleasant sound that carpenter bees make while they are chewing into your home. They are looking for a place to build a small gallery for rearing young. While their wooden burrows are small, the damage they do is not. Fortunately, carpenter bees are not as aggressive as yellow jackets or hornets. These are solitary bees, though they act aggressive, and the females can sting, but they are more bark than bite.

DIY Carpenter Bee Control Options

People have tried to seal up the entrance holes to their hives during the colder months of the year. That does not work well because the bees then borrow farther and may emerge on the inside of your home. Carpenter bees are pollinators. They build galleries to deposit an egg. While they are destructive, they also serve a needed purpose, especially with honey bees in such a critical state. The ideal nesting site for carpenter bees are snags or dead trees. Those are things that humans remove from the landscape. If you want to offer the bees a better temptation for nesting than your home, set up a series of bee boxes, which are wooden posts with 1/2 inch drilled holes in the side. The bees love them. That is a good DIY project for those who want to keep the bees, but not feed them on your homes siding.

Using Insecticides to Kill Bees

If you want to get rid of the bees, and many people do, then you need a Carpenter Bee Control Kit. The kit features Cyzmic CS and Delta Dust and an applicator with a thin extension tube. It is used to add the insecticide dust to the chamber that the female bees have made, or are making. The kit is easy to use and as the new bees hatch the insecticide kills them That keeps the population of carpenter bees either non-existent or within manageable levels.

While carpenter bees are pollinators, they are destructive. If you cannot tempt them into making a burrow into a bee box, then you will need to eradicate them. The Carpenter bee kits work well because you can focus the eradication on just the carpenter bees. This means you do not have to spray gardens with general insecticides that may also harm beneficial insects, such as honeybees. There are liquid products that can be used too, though the dust works well and lasts longer during the wetter part of the year.

So when you are looking for DIY methods for Carpenter Bee Control, checkout the Carpenter Bee Kits on www.epestsolutions.com