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Some Ant Colonies Contain Kidnappers

ant controlYou likely have never had any interest in studying a colony of ants (or any reason to even consider doing so). But if you ever did, you might occasionally find a colony with some unusual residents who don’t seem to belong with the rest.

Scientists have found that there are certain groups of ants that tend to raid other ant colonies, kidnapping some of their young members and using them as sort of indentured servants.

Of course, if you’re plagued by these pests, you likely don’t care about the makeup of their population or the origin of the colony’s members—you simply want to get rid of them.

There is an effective way to destroy the whole colony, and all of its assorted members. Ant bait is a popular weapon for battling and destroying large groups of ants. The worker ants who forage for food grab the bait and then take it back to the nest to share with the colony, where it wipes them all out.

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Scientists Study Tropical Insect-Repelling Fruit

Breadfruit—a fruit that’s plentiful in certain tropical regions and serves as a dietary staple in those areas—had for a long time been known to have strong insect-repelling qualities.  Recently, a team of scientists teamed up to try and pinpoint the exact chemicals in breadfruit that are so good at keeping insects away. Their initial findings helped identify some of the compounds in the fruit which do serve as an effective pest-repellent.

It may be quite some time, though, before anyone creates a commercial insecticide product containing those particular chemicals. And you are unlikely to have access to breadfruit, unless you’re planning a tropical getaway in the near future.

So for the time being, you may have to rely upon on more readily available (if less exotic) bug control products. The good news is, we have an extensive array of products that can effectively handle your insect problems, so check out the selection at ePestSolutions.

Insect Control Important for Food Preparation Areas

bug controlHere’s an unappetizing reality: every day, numerous food-related businesses across the country are closed down by various officials or agencies due to unsanitary conditions and other health hazards, which often include insect and rodent infestations.

If you own or work at a restaurant or any sort of business that deals with food preparation (including a school or nursing home), you probably already realize the importance of a good pest control program. But even for residential settings, insect control is an important issue when it comes to food preparation and protection. You want to ensure that any food you serve to your family is free from any sort of insect-related contamination. And of course you also want to avoid having to waste money by throwing away food that has been invaded by insects.

However, there are special considerations when it comes to pest control in areas where food will be stored or prepared. You need to care careful that you aren’t using toxic chemicals that could be dangerous to people (or pets).

This isn’t a huge challenge, though, as there are many products specifically designed to be safe for kitchens and other food preparation areas. Organic or natural products are often a good choice for this situation.

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Insect Damage on Trees Becomes Obvious in Fall

bug control

If you have beautiful trees on your property (or just in your neighborhood) you would probably hate to see them damaged or injured in any way. Unfortunately, right about this time of year, many people often come to the disappointing realization that some of their beloved trees or plants have suffered damage over the summer as a result of a tiny enemy: insects.

This damage often isn’t noticeable (at least not from a quick glance) during warmer weather when the tree is lush and full. But once the leaves start to fall and it’s easier to get a good look at the structure of the tree (including its trunk and limbs) the damage may be easy to spot. Of course, broken or fallen twigs and branches may be an immediate sign of damage to the tree.

Insects can cause a surprising amount of damage, considering their small size. And by the time you realize there’s a problem, the tree may have already experienced considerable injury. That’s why it’s important to take action to try and prevent (or at least lessen) potential insect-related damage before it happens.

Fortunately, there are many bug control products that can effectively protect trees and plants from destructive insects. ePestSolutions has a wide variety of insecticide products designed for use in gardens and other outdoor areas.

Bed Bugs Continue to Plague Large Buildings

bed bug dustWhile bed bugs are a continuing concern in many areas—especially large cities—there are some places that tend be particularly at risk of an infestation of these dreaded pests.

Bed bugs are especially problematic in schools, hotels, apartment buildings and other locations where a high volume of people come and go, bringing with them luggage, backpacks and other belongings that can transport bed bugs as sneaky tiny stowaways.

Perhaps just as bad as the bed bugs themselves is the panic they can cause. A bed bug problem can also be a huge hassle that can inconvenience many people. In the case of a school or apartment building, a temporary evacuation may be necessary in order to treat the large area involved.

Worse, eradicating these pests in this type of area can be trouble because of the likelihood of repeated infestation.

This is why it is so important that the owners or residents/visitors of these buildings take immediate steps to employ effective weapons against these insect invaders.

Bed bug control may sound intimidating, but some strong insecticide products available for residential use make it a much more manageable task.

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Termite Problem Can Derail a Property Purchase

termite controlA termite infestation is among the most feared pest-related issues that can worry a homeowner. They are notorious for causing extensive structural damage—damage that can be expensive and time-consuming to repair.

And while a termite problem can be a huge issue for someone currently living in a home, it can also be a major concern for someone who is considering buying a property (or, from the opposite perspective, a seller hoping to attract a buyer interested in the property).

Many lenders require a termite inspection prior to approving a mortgage or other real estate loan, and a negative report is often a deal-killer. But even if your lender isn’t pushing the issue, you should enlist an inspection on your own before committing to buy a property.

The risk of termite damage and the related expense is such a major concern that the Your Investment Property site lists it as one of the top five worst property problems, and advises investors to walk away from any property with a termite issue.

The good news is, if you have a property with a termite issue (or are just worried about that possibility), you have your choice of many do-it-yourself termite products that can solve this problem for you.

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Ant Control an Easy Do-It-Yourself Project

Ants are one of the most common insect issues that can plague homeowners. Fortunately, this is also among the easiest issues to handle on your own.

Unless you are one of the few unlucky people to be faced with an invasion of so-called “crazy ants” (which generally require a professional armed with a special chemical that’s hard to obtain), you can successfully battle most ant problems yourself.

One of the best methods for dealing with ants is to use a bait product. This way, you can wipe out large numbers of ants, not just the obvious ones you can see. The worker ants will grab the bait and take it back to their hiding place to share with the others, allowing you to wipe out the whole colony.

You can also use a gel product to treat cracks and crevices. All of these products are very affordable and easy for anyone to use.

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Termite Inspection Not Always Reliable

Property owners who are worried about potential termite issues (or who are planning to buy or sell a property) may enlist the help of a termite inspection to help detect the presence of termites and pinpoints locations where termites may be nesting.

A termite inspection may indeed be a good place to start, but its value can vary depending upon the skills and reliability of the inspection company involved. While there are many ethical and professional inspectors, just as with any other industry, there are some so-called professionals who don’t provide the type of service their customers expect to receive.

As this news investigation revealed, some termite inspectors speed through the process too quickly or don’t inspect important areas of the property. The report they provide isn’t worth the paper it is written on, and won’t be much help to the property owner who hired them. Worse, they may give the customer a false sense of security by failing to report a termite problem that may exist.

Homeowners do have an option available to them in the fight against termites, though. There are termite control and protection products that are affordable and easy to use. If a homeowner even just suspects they may have a termite problem, they can use these products, just to be on the safe side. It is a very small price to pay to help protect the property from the potentially major damage termites can cause.

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Roaches Can Invade Any Property

roach controlRoaches don’ discriminate—they will happily make themselves at home anywhere. You might say they’re an equal-opportunity invader. Despite the stereotype that roaches will only be found in messy places, no place—no matter how clean—is truly immune from this pest. Any home or building could be at risk, even one inhabited by the most powerful person in the country.

As this story mentions, the White House recently experienced a problem with roaches. Considering this is the most visible (and, some could argue, important) federal building and has a large staff, many of whom are focused on cleaning and maintaining it, this seems to prove that even expensive and well-maintained buildings can still have a problem with these disgusting pests.

While the president was able to call in the top scientists (and, one imagines, an entire team of well-paid professional exterminators) to solve this problem quickly, most of us don’t have those types of resources at our disposal. Fortunately, we probably don’t need an army of experts to handle this problem. In most cases, the average homeowner can handle a typical roach problem on their own, with the help of some roach control products designed for do-it-yourself use.

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What Types of Machines are Available to Kill Mosquitoes for Good?

Everyone knows the annoyance of trying to enjoy a nice night on the patio while being bombarded with an onslaught of mosquitoes.  This leads many people to search for mosquito killer machines which can make their nights outdoors much more bearable.  Unfortunately, people rarely realize that these machines are even an option, and often just buy aerosol repellents.  While these work, certain machines can get the job done quicker.

Traditional Mosquito Killing Machines

Everyone has heard that pleasant sound of mosquitoes being zapped as they mistakenly fly into those less than beautiful electric zappers.  These machines come in many sizes, and many of them are made to be portable.  These machines are an effective way to kill mosquitoes and a host of other nuisances.

Some people worry that these devices may not be efficient due to replacement costs.  The simple truth, however, is that the “zapping” lights are just as easily replaced as a regular light bulb and the replacement lights can ensure that a person gets the most out of their fly light.

Spraying Mosquito Killing Machines

Bug zappers aren’t the only means of taking out mosquitoes.  Luckily, they’re not even the only means that doesn’t require much human interaction.  There are actually electronic foggers that a homeowner can simply plug in.  These foggers can dispense a variety of misting chemicals, some of which are organic, to hold the pesky bloodsuckers at bay.