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Controlling Your Chinch Bug Problem

Chinch ControlA homeowners yard not only provides an oasis of beauty and creativity in its landscaping, it can also add significant curbside appeal which increases the property’s value. Whether your home is a permanent residence or you have plans to sell, having a well-maintained and healthy looking yard is a priority.

When pests invade your lawn, they can do considerable damage not only to its well being and ability as a supportive base, but also by affecting the way it looks in a negative way. When this happens, the curb appeal and added value is gone with the wind. (more…)

Catch Flies With Hardly Any Effort

Common Housefly control

Of all the pests that can plague a household, few can be more irritating than a brace of flies that just escape the reach of a flyswatter. Some flies are, luckily, slow and cumbersome and need nothing more than a well-timed rolled up newspaper to be defeated. Most of the flies that you come across each day, however, are that nasty trio of large, loud, and fast — making them a nuisance that’s impossible to ignore as well as impossible to eradicate. For those who have tried everything to eliminate flies from their household, there’s a new sheriff in town: the Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Trap. (more…)

Wondering what pesky critters you’re prone to come across in your area? Here are five of the most common pests in Texas.

DIY Ant Control Solutions

At ePest Solutions, we know all about creepy-crawlers. So we’ve made you a handy list of 5 of the most common pests in Texas, which are:

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Beetles
  • Fleas

Know what to expect when dealing with these common Texas pests.

Bugs are everywhere, an unfortunate reality for those of us who are bit more critter sensitive, but not everywhere comes with the same collection of pests. If you’re dealing the Texas’ most common critters, it’s important to know what to expect. (more…)

Roach Control the Firponil Way!

Roach Control the Fipronil Way

Checkout the full line of Maxforce roach control products at www.epestsolutions.com

Whether you are looking for a great cost value for control in a home or business or need something that will take care of an on-going roach issue, Maxforce has you covered.

Maxforce Magnum
New Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait is the most powerful pest control product cockroach bait gel ever. Whether cockroaches eat it, touch it or share it, Maxforce FC Magnum kills more roaches faster than any other single product. There’s no advance preparation required and no odor.

Best Roach Gel Bait

Maxforce Magnum Roach Bait

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Maxforce also has a new Roach Bait in Town! Maxforce Impact.



How to Treat and Inspect for Crickets in Your Home

Crickets are part of the family Orhtoptera which also includes grasshoppers and katydids. Crickets have folded wings around their body, and the sounds they make are used as a defense mechanism and to attract the opposite sex. The sounds can also cause of great anxiety if we cannot locate the pest that is causing them. We can find the house and field cricket everywhere and they usually feed on plants, but can also feed on other insects. Camel crickets or Cave crickets have a signature humpback and are typically found around porches, in our crawlspaces and or basements. They can become a major pest to lawns. (more…)

How to Catch and Repel a Gopher in Your Yard

  • Gopher Control and MaintenanceThe gopher is about 4-12 inches in length and is typically yellowish brown to black and covered in fur. If you ever get the chance to check out the gopher up close the underneath of the belly is often a lighter color of fur.
  • The gopher has large incisors for digging along with their long front claws.
  • The gophers main food source is roots, plants and other vegetation in the area they can get to with the digging through their tunnels.
  • They are only about 4 to 18 inches underground in their burrow system.
  • The gopher is active all day long and they will have their litters in the spring with usually only one liter a year.


How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Japanese Beetles in Your Home

Beetle ControlLooking for ways to prevent and control Japanese beetles in your home and yard, ePestSolutions.com has you covered. We can help you control and repel Japanese beetles easily with our products at ePestSolutions.com. Using the right products, such as Cyzmic CS and Demand CS for your millipede problems will make all the difference in the world. Letting us teach you how to use it, even better. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Millipedes in Your Home

A millipede typically lives outdoors where they can feed on damp and decaying wood and other vegetation matters, but they can become a household pests. This thousand leg pest is a slow crawler with a round body and 2 sets of legs per body segment. The Millipede typically protects itself from gland excression which is an unpleasant odor. Millipedes are norturnal and hide underneath objects during the damp. Heavy numbers of infestations typically happen during the fall, but people have had invasion in the spring and summer months. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Mites in Your Home

Mites are smaller than a tick and most are hard to see without an eye piece, they are so small. The life of the mite is egg, larvae, three nyphal stages and the adult. Typically the mite will only live for a few weeks. Mites that we deal with for the most part will have piercing moth parts. There are several types of mites that can infest food products and cause itching and rashes on people who come in contact with the mites. Some of these particular mites will attach cheese. Flour, grain, seeds, meals, bulbs, and straw as well as furniture and wall paper. Chiggers, Redbugs, and Harvest Mites will infest humans and animals during the summer months and cause intense itching and skin irritation. Only the larval stage of the redbugs and chiggers will attack humans and animals. (more…)