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Termites May Invade Your Wooden Furniture


Termites can be a major problem for homeowners. But it isn’t just the structure of the home itself that’s at risk from these tiny yet destructive pests. The furnishings inside the home can also be a very attractive place for termites to live, hang out, eat and just commit general destruction.

Termites—particularly a species known as drywood termites—can survive just fine in furniture or other wooden materials. Unlike the types of termites that usually cause serious structural problems while nesting underground, drywood termites don’t need soil or moisture in order to survive. These types of termites can be brought into the home if you buy used or antique furniture, although they can “hitch a ride” on just about any type of wooden furnishings.

One good thing is that this type of termite infestation is usually confined to a fairly small, limited area. And while it can be disappointing to have your furniture damaged by these pests, it’s nowhere near as problematic or expensive as the damage that other types of termites can do to the structure of your home. However, a small infestation—left uncontrolled—can quickly grow and spread, and this can cause increasing damage.

These types of termites cannot survive in extreme temperatures, so one common tactic (especially for smaller pieces of furniture) is to place the infested item in a very cold area. However, there’s no guarantee that will get rid of all of the pests. For more effective and reliable termite control, you should use an insecticide product specifically designed to get rid of these pests quickly.

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Taurus SC Kills Termites, Ants and Other Pests and Save You Money

Taurus SC  Kills Termites, Ants  and Other Pests and Save You Money

If you are looking for an option for termite control that will not cost you an arm and a leg, then Taurus SC is the product you are wanting.  Same active ingredient of Termidor, fipronil but at a much lower price.  Application and rates are the same for termite control.   Taurus Sc is also one of the best ant control products on the market; non-repelling makes it work like a charm.

Having the right products and all the expert knowledge for termite control can make the difference of $1,000.00 in your pocket this year.  You as a homeowner can spend as thousands paying someone to do a termite or ant treatment on your home, but on the other hand you could DIY it and save big bucks.

As a result of its killing method, Taurus SC is a good option for long-term pest control, as it lasts for a long time and provides residual effects.

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Ants Can Combine to Form a Makeshift Raft

AntsIt’s no surprise that insects can be determined, resourceful and downright clever creatures—traits that serve them well when they need to survive in less than ideal conditions. But new research has uncovered a fascinating technique that allows ants (or at least a certain type of them) to survive even during a flood.

A team of scientists wanted to figure out how fire ants could survive while floating in water for days. The scientists were surprised to learn that the ants had figured out a way to bind themselves together in a way that formed a sort of raft that could float effortlessly for days. Not only was this ant-based raft water-repellant, but it was also extremely strong and durable.

While this phenomenon is an impressive show of creativity and imagination, it may also illustrate the survival skills of ants and other insects—skills that make them challenging to eliminate and allow them to exist and even thrive under harsh conditions such as the presence of large volumes of water.

That’s why it takes diligence and persistence to outsmart and eliminate pests. That, and some effective pest control products. You need to outsmart these pests and have a smart strategy that can help you figure out how to get rid of ants.

Fortunately, ePestSolutions has a wide variety of insecticide products that can get rid of virtually any type of pest problem you may have—including raft-building ants!

Holiday Travel? Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite






Holiday Travel?  Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

As with all holidays, we tend to travel or open our home to friend and family, but with that come the risk of unwanted guest left behind, Bed Bugs.

When you travel and stay at hotels it is important to do a little inspection when you arrive, do not think that bed bugs only take up residence at the cheap hotels, they are equal opportunity guest.  Remove the bedding and inspect the mattress for any blood spots or bed bugs in the seams of the mattress. 

International travelers should think about carrying a product that can be used to spray the luggage, or even encase it when you arrive.  There are a few new products on the market that can be used for this type of application and the items are placed in a high heat container that kills all of the bed bugs that may have traveled back home with you from your holiday.

Having products on hand and knowing what you are looking for will keep your mind at ease when your house guest leaves.  When you clean the guest room, inspect the areas on the mattress and box spring for any visible bed bugs.  This may be a great time to spray everything with a bed bug spray, there are alcohol based products that are safe to use on the mattress and furniture.  With bed bugs prevention is the best policy.

But no matter your situations, ePestSolutions carries all of the essentials for bed bug prevention and elimination, so you can feel comfortable about your holidays.

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Mold and Roaches Often Found Together


If you have a mold problem or other water-related issues in your home, you know these problems can be costly and time-consuming to resolve. And as if that isn’t already enough of a challenge, there may be an extra concern that you may not have even considered yet. In addition to addressing the water problem and resulting damage, you may likely also have an issue involving insects or other pests.

The same conditions that cause mold—damp, decaying wood or other building materials left to develop bacteria over a period of time—are also the same type of conditions that cockroaches (and some other types of pests) really love. This means that if you have discovered a mold or moisture problem inside of your home, there is unfortunately also a good chance that some insects may have taken up residence near that moisture-affected area.

Addressing the mold and moisture issues is of course a very good first step. That will make the area a bit less attractive to pests. However, that probably won’t solve the problem completely. The pests that have already moved in are unlikely to just up and leave immediately if they have settled into that spot.

Once you have repaired the moisture-affected area and removed or replaced any mold-infested materials, you will then want to come up with a plan to address any possible pest infestations that may have occurred as a result of this problem. And remember, just because you haven’t actually seen any insects doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Many pests, such as cockroaches in particular, like to hide during the day when there is lots of activity and may only come out of their hiding places when it is dark and quiet.

Putting off taking any action while you wait for an obvious sign of a problem will only give any existing pests a chance to multiply and spread out, making the problem even worse and making it more difficult to eliminate. You don’t want to go through all of the trouble of taking care of a mold issue only to discover later that you now have a huge pest infestation to worry about.

It’s much better to be safe than sorry and take proactive action, on the assumption that you likely do have some sort of pest issue resulting from the moisture problem. This is especially wise considering how relatively easy it is to take care of pest control yourself, if you address it early and effectively.

Use an affordable and effective all-purpose insecticide that can take care of a wide variety of pests. A bait product is a great choice as a roach killer because it can help take care of hidden pest populations that may not be easy to see or locate.

You can find many options to get rid of any mold-related pest control issues at ePestSolutions.

Mouse Control Can be a Challenge





Mouse Control Can be a Challenge

Mice can cause quite a challenge when they have decided to make a home in your home.  But there is hope.  Mice are very curious and will usually find yummy lures on traps appealing, so in most cases you can simply set and trap. 

Do a good inspection of where you are seeing the activity and droppings of the mice so you know where your best bet is to put out your choice of trap.  There is a large selection for mice, whether you want to use a live trap, such as a Ketch-All trap, that catches multiple mice or use the old standard snap traps.  But placement is important, so be somewhat of a detective and inspect the area and entry points.

We have gotten great feedback on peanut butter scented glue boards and also apple for being very successful to mice.  The more snap traps and glue boards you put out the more likely you will be to catch the population very quickly and you are increasing your odds of capture. 

Dental floss tied to the snap traps also offers a very effective way of luring the female mice in, especially if they are in nesting mode.  Gummy Bears are also an option for use on the snap traps, they must have a sweet tooth. 

But no matter how you choose to handle the mouse invasion, ePestSolutions has a wide variety of mouse control products that can help keep your home free of these pests for the winter.

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Fighting Insects in Hard to Reach Areas

Figt InsectsInsects aren’t just small, they can also be very quick, agile and surprisingly clever. This combination can make it very tough to find them, let alone get rid of them. In addition, they can climb, crawl and jump on virtually all kinds of surfaces. Often, we less nimble humans are astonished at the ways these small pests manage to get around, and the areas they somehow figure out a way to access.

Scientists are working on developing a special anti-adhesive material that insects can’t cling to. This could prove very useful in preventing insects from using some of their most popular routes of entry into a home, and can also help keep insects away from pipes and other internal structural areas where they tend to congregate.

However, this is still a long way off from becoming an everyday reality, and right now your property contains many surfaces that insects can indeed climb on and stick to. Many of these surfaces may be areas that are tough to reach (for us humans) because they are hidden away in cracks or crevices, behind appliances or in other areas that aren’t easily accessible.

That’s why you need a strategy for getting rid of insects that may not be visible or easy to reach. There are a few good options for this task. One popular strategy is to use a bait product. This allows the more mobile and visible insects to grab the bait and take it back to their hiding spaces to share with the more reclusive members of their colony. Bait that comes in a tube in gel format is a great choice because you can apply it near areas with cracks and hidden nooks and crannies.

If you have an idea of the general spots where insects are hiding, traveling or retreating, you can also use an insecticide dust or powder, which is easier to apply in these areas, especially if you use a duster to help apply the material to hard-to-reach locations.

ePestSolutions has lots of pest control options that are specifically designed to help you get rid of those elusive, hard to find pests.

Advion: The Ultimate Roach Control Solution

Advion Roach Bait Kit

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself plagued by a roach problem, you don’t want to waste time taking chances on a product that may or may not work. You want to start right off with something that is proven effective at getting rid of these pests quickly and completely—right from the start.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is the answer to your problems. It’s not only convenient and easy to use, but you will see results very quickly. Don’t be surprised if you notice the pests immediately flocking to it—Advion has a chemical combination that’s specifically designed to attract roaches and other insects. This powerful “cockroach-killing cocktail” is virtually irresistible to these pests, who eagerly snack on it and take more of it back to their hiding places, where they share it with other roaches who may be lurking around.

Advion works on a variety of cockroach species and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s a great roach control tool to help you wipe out large roach infestations as quickly as possible.

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Some Ant Colonies Contain Kidnappers

ant controlYou likely have never had any interest in studying a colony of ants (or any reason to even consider doing so). But if you ever did, you might occasionally find a colony with some unusual residents who don’t seem to belong with the rest.

Scientists have found that there are certain groups of ants that tend to raid other ant colonies, kidnapping some of their young members and using them as sort of indentured servants.

Of course, if you’re plagued by these pests, you likely don’t care about the makeup of their population or the origin of the colony’s members—you simply want to get rid of them.

There is an effective way to destroy the whole colony, and all of its assorted members. Ant bait is a popular weapon for battling and destroying large groups of ants. The worker ants who forage for food grab the bait and then take it back to the nest to share with the colony, where it wipes them all out.

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Scientists Study Tropical Insect-Repelling Fruit

Breadfruit—a fruit that’s plentiful in certain tropical regions and serves as a dietary staple in those areas—had for a long time been known to have strong insect-repelling qualities.  Recently, a team of scientists teamed up to try and pinpoint the exact chemicals in breadfruit that are so good at keeping insects away. Their initial findings helped identify some of the compounds in the fruit which do serve as an effective pest-repellent.

It may be quite some time, though, before anyone creates a commercial insecticide product containing those particular chemicals. And you are unlikely to have access to breadfruit, unless you’re planning a tropical getaway in the near future.

So for the time being, you may have to rely upon on more readily available (if less exotic) bug control products. The good news is, we have an extensive array of products that can effectively handle your insect problems, so check out the selection at ePestSolutions.