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How to Get Rid of Snakes from Your Yard

Looking for ways to prevent and control snakes in your home and yard, ePestSolutions.com has you covered. You can control snakes in your home like a professional with our products at ePestSolutions.com. Using the right products, such Catchmaster Giant Snake Glueboards for your snakes problems will make all the difference in the world. Letting us teach how to use it, even better. Not many things make me screen, but a snake is it! Around my house no one has to ask, if they hear me screen they better know that I just either stepped on one, or had one scurry close by to me. I personally do not like them at all, garden snakes, rat snakes, or poisonous, does not matter, I do not want to kill them all, just not see them. (more…)

How To Rodent Proof Your Home


How To Rodent Proof Your Home

Allowing rodents to get into a home can be dangerous. In some cases, rodents will carry disease, fleas, and ticks.  Not to mention the urine and feces that can lead to other health concerns. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent rodents to from getting into your house.

Keep Everything Sealed

Rodents can get into the house through small or open spaces, so a simple solution to help reduce the risk of an infestation is closing all of the possible entrances. Seal the doors, windows and other possible entrances. Keep garbage cans and similar items closed when they go out to the curb. A rodent exclusion product, such as a copper mesh that can be placed over openings, can be a useful tool to help seal up the house without ruining the ventilation.  Caulk all cracks and crevices, this will be beneficial to all other insects not just the rats and mice.

By keeping everything sealed, the risk of a rodent infestation will reduce. Prevention plays a key role in keeping insects, rodents and other pests out of the house.

Clean up the Clutter

Cluttered spaces provide the optimal place for rodents to hide and make a home. Clean up the garage and other storage spaces to limit the number of hiding places for the rodents. Remove clutter and get the space organized.  Keep tree limbs trimmed and wood piles, etc away form the house, it needs to be as difficult for them to enter as possible.  Make it hard for rats and mice to have protective cover to move about.

By removing clutter, the risk of a rodent setting up a home in your house will reduce. It also encourages rodents to look for a home in a different location.

Put Out Traps

rat control

How to Rodent Proof Your House this Winter

When the rodents are in the house, the next step is to eliminate the pests. Putting out a trap is a simple solution that can kill or remove the rodent before it is able to reproduce.

Place traps in areas that are more common for mice and other rodents. For example, place a trap near places that show signs of rodent traffic and movement. Bait the trap to encourage the rodent to investigate and get stuck.  Traps can consist of both glue boards and snap traps. 

Traps can range from simple options that help catch the rodent and sticky paper to traps that will close on the rodent and allow you to release the rodent.  There are bait stations that can hold rodenticide and then even new repellents that can prevent the rodents from entering the structure.  Evac Rodent repellent place packs work really well in areas with thing being stored or automobiles, RV. 

Although rodents are not all dangerous to your health, they can be a concern for many homeowners. Not only can the pests bring in insects that are harmful, they can also chew on wires and damage portions of the house. Fortunately, you can take measures to remove the rodents before they cause damage to your property. 

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Spiders in Your Home and Yard

ePestSolutions: Your Online Do It Yourself Pest Control Store

Looking for ways to prevent and treat spiders in your home and yard, ePestSolutions.com has you covered. You can control spiders in your home like a professional with professional pest control products at ePestSolutions.com. Using the right products, such Temprid SC for your spider problems will make all the difference in the world. Letting us teach you how to apply it, even better. For the most part there are about 4 types of spiders that should be considered dangerous because of their bite. These are black widow spiders, brown spiders, the hobo spider, widow spider and sac spiders. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Subterranean Termites in Your Home and Yard

ePestSolutions: Your Online Do It Yourself Pest Control Store

Termite control solutionsMost professional pest control chemicals are approved for specific use in one industry, but not another. Because of the differences in pest control chemicals, we make it simple to shop for exactly what you need. Customers can look up pest solution by best name, such as fleas, ants or mice, or they can look up pest solutions by the name of the chemical. If you need a green pest solution, we have that too. If you know the name of the product that you want to use, you can also look up products by their name. We make it easy to find the answers and the resources that you need to manage your commercial pest problem. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Sugar Ants in Your Home and Yard

Hey Sugar, is that an ant in your kitchen? Well at least that is how it is addressed in the south. And there is also a long list of home remedies for controlling those pesky sugar ants, and some even involve a chicken foot and some voodoo. But you really do not need to worry so much about these ants, having the right product at your fingertips can make sure you get complete elimination. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat Ticks in Your Home

All hale the dreaded tick! Most people and pets alike will cringe at the sight and mention of the blood sucking tick, but have no fear epestsolutions is here. The tick which is a blood sucking parasite that can usually be identified by the brownish color and the tick will have 2 body segments. The tick can pose a threat to humans, but even more than that no one wants to find a tick sucking their blood. (more…)

How to Control Mosquitoes in your Backyard

The problem with mosquitoes in your backyard is that they find their way into your house. Just as you are about to go to sleep you hear that dreaded buzz of a female mosquito looking for a hot meal. Outside they are relentless, attacking us when we are trying to control our space.  It is only the female mosquito that bites humans. She needs the blood of a mammal to initiate gestation of her eggs. The male mosquitoes are sap suckers. They feed on plant juices not blood. So how do you get rid of mosquitoes around your house? There are DIY products and systems that help homeowners to control mosquito populations.

Easy Solutions to Mosquitoes

We tend to think of mosquitoes as flying insects that are out to bite us. While that is partially true, mosquitoes spend a good party of their life as aquatic insects. In the larval form, they are fully aquatic. The reason this fact is important is that it allows homeowners to control mosquitoes at their breeding sites. Mosquito larvacides come in wafer form with slow release technology that keeps the population of mosquitoes low in standing water.  Briquettes are used in standing water sites, where the larval will ingest the bacteria, which prevents them from being able to complete their life cycle.  It will not stop all mosquitoes in your back yard but it is one step in prevention.

Continual Systems That Control Mosquitoes

There is a variety of insecticides that work well on mosquitoes. For a continual control method consider using a hand held fogging system or a mosquito misting system. For commercial applications, there are even truck mounted foggers for mosquito abatement. Foggers come in either gas powered or electric systems. Micro-encapsulated technology is also available for liquid applications. The micro-encapsulation means time released pesticides that help rid your yard of mosquitoes.  You can spray either a residual insecticide that works to control the resting mosquitos that come in contact with plant and grass surfaces.  This type of mosquito spraying works really well in heavy foliage areas and can be applied with a fogger. Homeowners also have the option of using a back-pack sprayer and chemicals / insect growth regulators that work for smaller more manageable areas.  Will give homeowners a great amount mosquito control and help you start enjoying your back yard again, mosquito free.  This is usually applied every couple of weeks, and depends on your particular location.  Mosquito Misting Systems are automated systems that you can control by remote or programming.  This give you the homeowner the most mosquito free living option.  Low cost to maintain these mosquito misting units are the gifts that keep on giving year after year.

Green Mosquito Management Products

There are a number of green products that work well to control mosquitoes. Eco Exempt IC3 a liquid pesticide that is approved for indoor and outdoor usage. It is also approved for use around food producing plants. This product is easy to use in sprayers as a contact insecticide.  Has a good repellent and control method and works very well for people who are looking for an green organic alternative.

Another green product is Eco Exempt G Granular Insecticide. It is based on the oils from plants. It is suggested as an outdoor application on landscaping plants and for lawn use. This is also a contact pesticide and works well on mosquitoes and other insects. It will also help with fire ant populations, Fleas, and other pests that reside in lawns.

There are plenty of different types of products to help homeowners control mosquito populations. They represent a variety of application methods, and some can be used indoors as general pest control products.  The best option for homeowners is to check out the DIY Mosquito Misting System kits, if you want to enjoy your yard and be mosquito and fly free.  Please remember to read the label and use products as directed. If you need additional help, Just call us we are happy to answer your pest control questions.  1-888-523-7378

How to Catch and Repel Opossums in Your Yard

Opossum Control

Opossums are found throughout North America and are marsupial, they typically live alone and are active at night as most of you know.

They can have litters with up to seven young and have two to three litters per year that is a lot of opossums. The young opossums will spend the first several weeks of their life in their mothers pouch, I guess they can be considered the United States Kangaroo.

The Opossum will feed mostly on fruit, grains and insects, but have not problems digging through your compost bins, garbage cans and pet food bowls. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat for Pillbugs in Your Yard and Home

Pillbug Control

Pillbugs and Sowbugs are isopods and have become completely adapted to terrestrial habitat. Their bodies are oval and rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. These guys have given most children hours of play time, but that does not mean we want them inside our homes. The most common Pillbug is found worldwide and they prefer moist, damp conditions which is usually under vegetation and leaf litter. Most active at night and are found to be able to burrow themselves into the soil several inches. Pillbugs are rarely a problems when it comes to plant damage, but they can become a nuisance pest when the population reaches high enough numbers and they make their way into your home. (more…)