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Do It Yourself Ant Control for The DIYer

Do it yourself Ant Control

When you have a picnic outside, you almost expect ants to show up. But when you are in your house surrounded by your family at the table, the last thing you anticipate is ants joining you for dinner. Ants are found on every continent except Antarctica, so chances are you’ve had some experience with them. Currently, there are over 12,000 known ant species but you only have to worry about a dozen or so types that may invade your home. Ants can damage your food storage, indoor structures, and your garden. Do It Yourself Ant Control is easy when you work with the experts at ePest Solutions. (more…)

Why you should use ePest Solutions fly control zappers to deal with the common housefly.

Common Housefly control

The common housefly makes up 91% of the flies found in human habitations. They are considered pests due to the fact that they can be carriers of over 100 different dangerous pathogens. These pests are widely found and preventative measures should be taken to deal with them. As some strains have become resilient to insecticides, the best treatments to prevent this pest are traps. (more…)

What you may not know about Pest Control for the cold weather months.

Common Wintertime Pests

Winter is a wonderful time of year, here at ePest Solutions we know that nothing beats snuggling in under a blanket with a warm cup of coco. A great thing about winter is that the cold weather causes many of the common insects to go dormant for a few months. The down side is that the lack of bugs may encourage you to ignore pest control. Unfortunately, even though many bugs go dormant, there are still some pests that remain a serious issue during the wintertime. (more…)

How to Apply Your Pest Control Granules With a Spreader

ePestSolutions: Your Online Do It Yourself Pest Control Store

Sometimes the terms bait and granules are used interchangeably, but this is incorrect.  A bait is something that is a food attractant very much like granules that have an insecticide embedded into it, and they both work differently and have different times when one is better than the other. (more…)

Archer For a Superior Insect Growth Regulator

Mosquito foggers

Archer For a Superior Insect Growth Regulator

Powerful control of mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, ticks and more


Archer Insect Growth Regulator

Insect growth regulators are very popular for the use of controlling mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ticks and other nuisance pests.

Archer has some key features that make it stand out above the rest of the Insect Growth Regulators on the market.

Manufactured by Syngenta, it is capable of controlling large populations of mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ticks and more and will prevent them from becoming egg-laying adults both inside and out.

Archer is an emuslifiable concentrate that is formulated with a unique mode of action for ling-lasting population control.  What happens is the Archer interferes with the development of the insects eggs, larvae, pupae or nymphs.

Archer has also been formulated to have UV protection, sunscreen for the Insect Growth Regulator which keeps it working outdoors for up to 16 weeks, which can mean success in your flea control.

Archer is an ideal mixture with Demand CS, the two chemicals will work together, and because Demand CS has ICAP technology it will last and keep controlling longer than many other insecticides.

Archer has low odor and very little airborne residual.

What you get from a products such as Archer is improved control of pests like fleas, and flies by stopping the reproductive cycle of the pest insect.

You wil get improved performance with it is mixes with other insects such as Demand CS.  Archer is an ideal part of any integrated pest management strategy.

To read more on Archer or to check out the product label and msds chekout our website at www.epestsolutions.com

Stop Cockroaches in Their Tracks with Advion Cockroach Bait

Cockroach control with Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Stop Cockroaches in Their Track with Advion Cockroach Bait


When it comes to cockroaches no one wants to see them or even think about them being there.  But sadly we will all encounter a roach problem in our lifetime and having the best products on the market at your disposal will make taking care of them fast and easy.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Cockroach Gel Bait

Best Roach Bait on the Market

Cockroaches are unsightly and can cause and spread bacteria, and cause issues with allergens.  One of the best most effective roach bait on the market is Advion Roach Gel Bait, manufactureed by Syngenta.  When you need to achieve high levels of results then using Advion Roach Bait gel, will help you eliminate multiple cockroach species, including gel bait-averse cockroaches.


You can start enjoying your home or property without the nuisance of cockroaches.


The active ingredient Indoxacarb works within only the targeted insects.


Advion Cockroach gel causes a slight delay in mortality, allows for the roaches to consume the bait you put out and then return back to the harborage area.  This means that the one roach that is exposed to the Advion cockroach gel bait can carry it to another cockroach, which can then expose it to the third cockroach.  It can control of to 54 roaches because of this three chain reaction.  This process can take about 3 months.


Another great thing about Advion Cockroach gel bait is that is does not harden or dry out like some other roach gel baits do.  It will remain palatable, for up to 3 months after you first put it out.


Advion Cockroach  Gel Bait

  • Profile
  • Begins controlling cockroaches in 24 hours
  • Proprietary, high-consumption bait matrix
  • Non-repellent chemistry
  • Performs well on all major cockroach species
  • Approved for use in food-handling establishments, as directed by the product label

American Cockroach Field Trial1 – Indiana

This 28-day simulated trial best predicts how products will perform with alternative food sources in a traditional cockroach environment.  Advion maintained 100 percent control when competing with alternative food sources.


How to Control Ants Like a Pro

do it yourself ant control

How to Control Ants Like a Pro


Despite the size of the ant, they can and do cause great damage and problems for homeowners, business, and property.

One of the top ant baits on the market is Advion ant bait manufactured by Synegenta Professional Pest Management.  This bait provides and unmatched level of control with ants, and is labeled for a diverse spectrum of ants, including the sweet feeders.


Advion ant bait is very palatable and give you very rapid results and will remain in its bait for for long periods which will increase the effectiveness of any ant bait.


Advion Ant bait can be used inside and outside and will solve ant problems quickly and very effective, keeping your cost and time down to a minimum.


The way the Advion ant gel bait works, is Syngenta has combined food grade inert carriers which are effective in attracting the ants and carbohydrates to make it even more appealing.  As with all ant baits, there is a slight delay in ant mortality that is necessary which allows the ants to ingest the bait and then return back to the colony to contaminate the other ants, which results in a significant reduction in ant populations.

The active ingredient in Advion ant gel bait is Indoxacarb, and can effectively differentiate between target and non-target insects.


Ant Feeding Habits

Ant feeding preferences can change from sweet foods, such as honeydew, to proteins to oils.

The formulation of Advion ant gel bait takes this into account for greater acceptance by more

Ant species, including sweet feeder ants.


Sweet feeders Ants

  • Argentine
  • Bigheaded
  • Carpenter
  • Cornfield
  • Crazy
  • Field
  • Honey
  • Little black
  • Odorous house
  • Pavement
  • Pharaoh
  • Pyramid
  • Red imported fire
  • Thief
  • White-footed


Protein Feeder Ants

  • Bigheaded
  • Crazy
  • Pharaoh
  • Red imported fire
  • Thief


Oils Feeder Ants

  • Argentine
  • Harvester
  • Little black
  • Pavement
  • Pharaoh
  • Red imported fire
  • Thief


There are more ant species on the label of the Advion ant bait than any other species.

New York Bed Bug Control Kit

Checkout the New York Bed Bug Control Kit




Most chemicals that the rest of the United States are allowed to use on their property, New Yorkers cannot.  So we have come up with an apartment size kit that offers safe products to be used for your bed bug control needs.


The New York Bed Bug Kit contains 2 cans of Bedlam Aerosol Spray, 1 Sterifab (16 oz), Gentrol insect growth regulator (1 ounce bottles), (1)lb Drione Insecticide Dust and 1 bellow Duster.

Bedlam Bed Bug Insecticide

bed bug control

New York bed bug control

is specially designed to control bed bugs, lice and dust mites. Bedlam is an aerosol product that may be used to treat fabric, garments, and bedding materials, as well as for crack and crevice treatments on and around baseboards, floorboards, headboards, and walls.

  • Bedlam kills on contact and provides residual control.
  • Bedlam is water-based and non-irritating — may be used on
    bedding and fabric.
  • Bedlam will not stain water-safe fabrics and surfaces.
  • Bedlam may be used in the home, and non-food areas of hotels, apartments, dorms, healthcare facilities, schools, kennels, and other commercial sites.

For indoor use in the home and non-food areas of restaurants, schools, nursing homes, warehouses, offices, apartments, hotels, motels, kennels, and hospitals.

Bedlam Insecticide is not for use on humans or animals.

Will not stain water-safe fabrics and surfaces.

Kills Bed Bugs on wood, ceramic surfaces and carpet for up to 2 weeks.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/AQ1qIVPg224″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Reduces Bed Bug egg hatch in both susceptible and some resistant strains of Bed Bug eggs

Everything you will need to treat your bed bug problem.


You may also think about spending a little money on a great steamer that will help in the control process.


http://www.epestsolutions.com/psd/bedbug_kits_instructions.pdf  this is also a great resource which will discuss application of all the products that you will find in our kits.


Find this and other professional pest control products at www.epestsolutions.com or call us at 1-888-523-7378



When Roaches Come Out to Play

How to control cockroaches

When Roaches Come Out to Play

It just so happen that the other day, customer calls and tell us there were sitting on the floor folding laundry, when suddenly this BIG Horrendous bug crawled on my leg! It was about an inch long and reddish-brown. Of all things it was a roach, by the looks of it this was best described as an American roach. As most people do out of pure reaction she screamed and yelled for her husband to come and kill it. After watching as he destroyed their living room looking for this creature, she did what any great women would do, and called us to form a plan to attack and eliminate. When treating a house for a roaches we recommend you follow these  3 steps.

My First step is to use some kind of concentrated insecticide on the outer border of home to prevent anymore roaches from invading your home. The most highly recommend concentrate at this point would be Cy-kick CS, which contains a Cyfluthrin. Cyfluthrin is a fast active ingredient, that is low odor and that provides fast insect control. After applying this; you will not need to reapply for up to 90 days (depending on the situation).

My Second step is to rid what roaches I do have in my home. I start off with an item called Gentrol Point Source. This is a disk like item that disperses a chemical called Hydroprene. This will stop the larvae from growing into the adult, and preventing them from reproducing. Next, you will want to bait; you want to make sure that the bait purchased is one that will eliminate the colony not just the roach that is eating it. In which case, you will want something along the line of Maxforce or Advion roach bait gel. You want to be sure that you are applying these gels in an area where you are seeing the most roach activity. Normally they will be around an area that will provide them with water and food. Like bathrooms kitchens and even bed rooms. You cannot place this gel in a food based areas at all. “What can you place in those areas?” you ask. Well not to worry, both Maxforce and Advion have invented a solution.  Using the same chemical that is found in the gel they have made a station that contains the chemical inside so that it will not contaminate any food but make it easy enough to allow the roaches to gain access inside. Be sure that you stay thorough when applying the gel and stations. Also, be sure to check them at least once a week.

My Third and Final step is to sanitize, be sure that the home is clean and will not allow the roach another reason to enter the home and not way to survive without eating the roach bait we just put out.   For instance, be sure you are taking out the trash regularly, after washing dishes be sure to dry the sink, and do not leave food in any open area. It will help is you use the cleaning sprays such as Bio Mop, or Invade Multi Use Spray in the drains if you are a commercial kitchen, as the grease and food in the drains and flooring can add up to more roaches.

This is how we recommend  you get control of roaches in your  home, if these steps are followed, and you are thorough. You won’t end up with a roach trying to play leap frog with you!


How To Get Rid of Earwigs In Your Home

Earwigs we probably all know by now how they really got their name? Well from the widespread thought that they would crawl into people’s ears and then bore into our brans while we slept. The little pinchers on the earwigs body or the “cerci” are used both to defend themselves and also to scare off prey. Sometimes they can be used to grasp food. The Earwig is commonly identified by pincer-like appendages, called cerci that are located on their backside. These are used in defensive and offensive behaviors, to hunt as well as protect a nest. Earwigs are active at night and thigmatropic, just like cockroaches in that they prefer to hide in dark, moist cracks. So you tend to locate them in the mulch, under rocks and debris on the outside of a structure. They will eat pretty much anything, leaves, flowers, fruit, fungi and even other insects. (more…)