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Watch out Flies there is A New Sheriff In Town

Fly Control Zappers

Watch out Flies there is A New Sheriff In Town

Zyrox Fly Granular Bait


The bait matrix of Zyrox has a lower bulk density than most competitor fly baits. This allows for comparable surface area coverage and volume to other baits, but with fewer pounds of bait to carry, move and store.



When it comes to fly control and problem area management, the flies might start getting a little nervous.  New product available on the market from Syngenta has caused quite a stir up!

Zyrox Fly Granular Bait is head and shoulders above the old fly baits on the market and the data proves it.

Watch this video and see how quickly it works!


What makes this so special it contains an new unique active ingredient that helps with even the flies that have become resistant to the old chemistry.  The bait matrix is both highly attractive and extremely palatable to flies.  The main part to take from this statement is that the flies love it!

Still better yet it takes less of the stuff to do the same or better job than the old baits.  So you use less chemcial and cost is reduced.

Zyrox® fly granular bait from Syngenta Professional Pest Management features a unique active ingredient, cyantraniliprole, which has no documented resistance issues and is highly attractive to flies, even without a pheromone lure.

The active ingredient in Zyrox, cyantraniliprole, makes it an idealrotational partner in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Insect Resistance

Management (IRM) programs for effective fly control.  One the house fly ingest the active ingredient, the effects can be seen within minutes and a quick death follows.


The recommended use rate of Zyrox is 3.2 oz/1,000 ft2, and the high rate of 6.4 oz/1,000 ft2 can be used for high-level fly infestations.

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Zyrox Fly Bait has been approved for both indoor and outdoor use in the most common areas that flies are a problem.

To purchase the Zyrox Fly Granular Bait or other fly control products please visit us at www.epestsolutions.com or call our staff 1-888-523-7378.

How to Control an Ant Problem Optigard Ant

do it yourself ant control

How to Control an Ant Problem


Ant Control with Optigard Ant Bait and Optigard Flex will get your ant problem under control faster than you can say “under control”.

There is no doubt that ants can drive you crazy, because they seem to come out of nowhere and take over entire kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces.  It is like the old cartoons where the ants just carry off the entire picnic basket before you can take a bite of your chicken.

But ant control does not have to be overly complicated or stressful when you have the right products and support.  There are really tons of insecticides that are labeled for ant control, sprays and baits.  But believe us when we say not all are created equal.

Ant Control That’s Clearly Preferred

Clear, odorless ant gel bait with an extremely palatable formula for maximum ant control

Optigard® Ant Gel Bait insecticide, powered by the active ingredient thiamethoxam, offers unparalleled control of a broad spectrum of ants by ingestion and transfer of the clear and odorless bait for effective colony control. This is very important when it comes to ant control. You only want the ants to ingest the bait and go about their business. We usually recommend that customers using bait do not applying cleaning solutions, chemicals spray, etc near where you are trying to get the ants to pick up and ingest the bait.


Checkout More About the Optigard Ant Bait Gel:

  • Offers unparalleled control of a broad spectrum of ants, including Argentine, carpenter, ghost and other nuisance ant species by ingestion and transfer of the bait killing more ants and reducing customer call backs
  • Ants prefer Optigard Ant Gel bait: more ants are attracted, more ants ingest and more ants share the bait with the colony for a more complete kill. Better performance results in higher customer retention.
  • Formulation will not stain treated surfaces or give off strong odor but will hold its shape


Ants are pretty intelligent and if they sense that something is going on? If it has a strange taste or smell, you may never get them to ingest it. This is one reason we recommend using a non repellent spray when you are thinking about ant control.




Optigard and Optigard Flex

Best Ant Control Kit on the Market

You do not want the ants to avoid the spray all together, you want them to keep on moving through it, and get it all over them, and bring it back to the colony. So using the right product, that is made for ants almost specifically and will keep your ants working just like if nothing was happening and the end was just around the corner. Optigard Flex is just that product with an exceptional chemistry. Breaking the boundaries of common pest control

Non-repellent chemistry with low use rates and flexible application methods to control pests both indoors and out.

Optigard® Flex, with the active ingredient thiamethoxam, is a non-repellent, liquid insecticide that is active against insects by both contact and ingestion and can be used both indoors and out.


Use less chemical, with better results, the active ingredient in the Optigard Flex Ant control product allows you to make a much more targeted application.


It not only works as a contact insecticide but works also through ingestion on a wide variety of targeted insects. Works on important pests including these important guys such as ants, cockroaches, and drywood termites, ensuring a more complete control.


You can apply the Optigard Flex as a zone treatment, spraying only the area that you are seeing the activity, general surface spray, this is important when you have a cockroach problem, and also a crack and crevice treatment. There are not many products that have this flexible of an application label.


More on Optigard Flex


Optigard Flex is a new non-repellent insecticides that is active against insects by both contact and ingestion. This makes it very effective against social insects such as ants, but it will work against other nuisance pest. Will work on boxelder bugs also.

Optigard Flex can also be applied as a tree and shrub spray to control honeydew-producing insects that ants use as their primary food source.


To purchase the Optigard Ant Bait and Optigard Flex Kit and Save on your Ant Control, visit us at www.epestsolutions.com or call us at 1-888-523-7378. We would love to assist you in all your DIY pest control needs.

How to Control Fleas with Nyguard Plus Flea Spray

Best DIY Flea Control Spray

How to Control Fleas with Nyguard Plus Flea Spray


Checkout what is new about Flea Control, best new products on the market.


Nyguard Plus Flea Spray, can be used for both fleas and ticks and is very easy to apply.

Will prevent and kill fleas, and ticks for up to 7 months.  It also have an odor neutralizer inside that will take care of pet odors including urine.

Has the best application cap on the market and has no-drip technology.   Super fast acting formula and will not stain water -safe surfaces.

NyGuard Plus is a unique product that combines flea and tick control with a pet odor neutralizer.

Nyguard PlusFlea and Tick Spray  will break the life cycle of fleas.

You will want to hold your can about 2 to 3 feet from eh surfaces that you will be treating.

It is best to give the floor a good vacuuming before spraying with Nyguard Plus flea spray.  Also try and remove as many items from the floor as possible before you spray this will give you better coverage and in the end better control.


  • Turn the container upside down and point the valve towards the surface to be sprayed.
  • You will want to apply uniformly and use a good slow sweeping motion to carpets, rugs, flooring, floors, drapes and really all surfaces that you will be treating.
  • It can be applied to upholstered furniture including the cushions.
  • Allow all the surfaces to completely dry before you reenter the area.
  • This is all you will need to be successful in controlling your flea or tick problem.  A fine mist or spray is exactly how you want the Nyguard Plus to be applied.
  • You will want to treat the pets bedding, as this is the prime central location for where the animal is resting and will be the primary spot for fleas, ticks and their eggs.
  • Do not treat your pets with the Nyguard Plsu, you can spray them with Petcor which is a great product for flea and tick control that is meant to apply directly onto your pets.
  • Nygaurd can also be used to Cockroaches, dust mites, carpet beetles, and lice.

How to Control Cockroaches

For application for cockroaches, this needs to be applied as a crack and crevice treatment, behind sinks, cabinets, along baseboards, and floors.  Spray the Nyguard around the drains and plumbing.  You must get the cockroaches to come in to contact with the Nyguard Plus spray.  You may also want to think about using a good cockroach control bait, Vendetta® Plus

Dual action kills cockroaches where they hide


Vendetta® Plus combines two modes-of-action to kill German Cockroaches where they hide and the development and reproduction of cockroaches.


Control Dust Mites

Dust Mites: Spray with a sweeping motion same as when you are applying for fleas or ticks, to surfaces where mites congregate such as mattresses, box springs, headboard, floors, carpeting, and baseboard. Spray surfaces until damp. Apply on mattresses as a spot treatment to mattress seams, edges, buttons, and tufts of bed only. You do not use directly on pillows, bed linens, or cloths. Do not saturate the mattress and do not treat entire surface area of mattress. Allow mattress to dry thoroughly before replacing pillows and/or bed linens, this will usually take a couple of hours.  A lite mist is much better and you will get better results without wasting a whole lot of money by over spraying.

 How to Control Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles: Apply with a sweeping motion as a surface spray to carpet, rugs, closets, baseboards, upholstered furniture, and around edges of carpet.


How to Control Lice

Lice: Spray only surfaces that cannot be laundered or dry-cleaned including mattresses and upholstered furniture. Apply on mattresses as a spot treatment to mattress seams, edges, buttons, and tufts of bed only. Do not use directly on pillows, bed linens, or cloths.

Do not saturate the mattress and do not treat entire surface area of mattress. Allow mattress to dry thoroughly before replacing pillows and/or bed linens.

To Buy the Nyguard Plus Flea and Tick Spray or other professional pest control product visit us at www.epestsolutions.com or call at 1-888-523-7378

Rat Control Kits

Rat Control Kits - Rats and Rodents

Rat Control Kits can help out during the drought

Droughts affect everyone, even rats. A significant lack of water where rats usually live (storm drains, for example), may cause them to emerge to find alternative water sources. Places where animals are kept such as stables and dog parks usually have water which rats will seek. To make sure that a rat and his friends don’t find a hospitable source of water and food at your house, get a Rat and Rodent Control Kit 2 at ePest Solutions. This is a great kit for smaller rat populations and domestic rat control. It comes with three stations with traps, and a 4lb pain of rodent bait. It’s safe to have around children and pets, and can easily eliminate up to 160 rodents. (more…)

WIll You Need Industrial Mosquito Foggers?

Mosquito Control - Industrial Mosquito Foggers

Mosquito Control - Industrial Mosquito FoggersMosquitoes are a common pest and are found in various parts of the world. They have four life cycles: egg, larva, pupa, adult. The female lay the eggs in stagnate water where they become a larva and then pupa. These first three stages can happen between 5-14 days. From the pupa develops an adult mosquito. Within a few days, the adults are mating and the process begins all over again. Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish with a piercing mouth part. After a feeding, she rests while her eggs are developing. Then, she lays them and continues to looking for her meal. In nature, female mosquitoes do not live much longer than a couple of weeks. Mosquitos have a variety of ways of finding prey. They use chemical, visual, and heat sensors. During the feeding, some mosquitoes can pass on exceedingly harmful infections. Some of these include malaria, yellow fever, and filariasis.  (more…)

Do It Yourself Ant Control for The DIYer

Do it yourself Ant Control

When you have a picnic outside, you almost expect ants to show up. But when you are in your house surrounded by your family at the table, the last thing you anticipate is ants joining you for dinner. Ants are found on every continent except Antarctica, so chances are you’ve had some experience with them. Currently, there are over 12,000 known ant species but you only have to worry about a dozen or so types that may invade your home. Ants can damage your food storage, indoor structures, and your garden. Do It Yourself Ant Control is easy when you work with the experts at ePest Solutions. (more…)

Why you should use ePest Solutions fly control zappers to deal with the common housefly.

Common Housefly control

The common housefly makes up 91% of the flies found in human habitations. They are considered pests due to the fact that they can be carriers of over 100 different dangerous pathogens. These pests are widely found and preventative measures should be taken to deal with them. As some strains have become resilient to insecticides, the best treatments to prevent this pest are traps. (more…)

What you may not know about Pest Control for the cold weather months.

Common Wintertime Pests

Winter is a wonderful time of year, here at ePest Solutions we know that nothing beats snuggling in under a blanket with a warm cup of coco. A great thing about winter is that the cold weather causes many of the common insects to go dormant for a few months. The down side is that the lack of bugs may encourage you to ignore pest control. Unfortunately, even though many bugs go dormant, there are still some pests that remain a serious issue during the wintertime. (more…)

How to Apply Your Pest Control Granules With a Spreader

ePestSolutions: Your Online Do It Yourself Pest Control Store

Sometimes the terms bait and granules are used interchangeably, but this is incorrect.  A bait is something that is a food attractant very much like granules that have an insecticide embedded into it, and they both work differently and have different times when one is better than the other. (more…)

Archer For a Superior Insect Growth Regulator

Mosquito foggers

Archer For a Superior Insect Growth Regulator

Powerful control of mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, ticks and more


Archer Insect Growth Regulator

Insect growth regulators are very popular for the use of controlling mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ticks and other nuisance pests.

Archer has some key features that make it stand out above the rest of the Insect Growth Regulators on the market.

Manufactured by Syngenta, it is capable of controlling large populations of mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ticks and more and will prevent them from becoming egg-laying adults both inside and out.

Archer is an emuslifiable concentrate that is formulated with a unique mode of action for ling-lasting population control.  What happens is the Archer interferes with the development of the insects eggs, larvae, pupae or nymphs.

Archer has also been formulated to have UV protection, sunscreen for the Insect Growth Regulator which keeps it working outdoors for up to 16 weeks, which can mean success in your flea control.

Archer is an ideal mixture with Demand CS, the two chemicals will work together, and because Demand CS has ICAP technology it will last and keep controlling longer than many other insecticides.

Archer has low odor and very little airborne residual.

What you get from a products such as Archer is improved control of pests like fleas, and flies by stopping the reproductive cycle of the pest insect.

You wil get improved performance with it is mixes with other insects such as Demand CS.  Archer is an ideal part of any integrated pest management strategy.

To read more on Archer or to check out the product label and msds chekout our website at www.epestsolutions.com