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Backyard Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control - Industrial Mosquito Foggers

Backyard Mosquito Control

How to control mosquitos in your backyard

I know it is still pretty cold and most of us are not thinking about mosquito control, but the truth is when we start thinking about them, we will be full in the season. Don’t waste another summer indoors because it is too dangerous with the amount of Mosquitos to go outside without a mosquito net around you entire family.
Here in Texas we love our outdoor spaces, whether we are barbecuing or swimming in the pools we want to be outside. Even though it is pretty cold for this southern girl, really living in Texas 8 months out of the year is perfect. We never stop grilling and working outside, not much will keeps us house bound, accept the dreaded attack of the mosquitos.
Well this year I say declare war of those blood, disease spreading pest! We have the tools, chemicals and advice to keep you from getting bit this year. No matter what your budget we can offer some type of treatment to take back your back yard.
Yards that have a lot of foliage or surrounded by heavy brush tend to have a harder time controlling the mosquito population. This is when it may be time for you to think about investing in a MistAway Mosquito Misting System or a good Fogger.

You may be wondering what a Mosquito Misting System is? Well it is basically a bunch of nozzles and tubing that is placed around your backyard area, and a drum system that pumps a water chemical mixture through the nozzles a couple of times a day. When the fine mist comes out of the nozzles, it kills all insects that are smaller than a June bug. The mist goes off early morning and early evening when beneficial are low and the mosquito population is high. A typical system if you DIY it yourself will run you about $1700.00 for a 30 nozzle kit, they are spaced out about every 10 linear feet. The chemical that is used can run about $100.00 for 3 months of operation. This is a little bit of an investment, but I can attest that this is the best investment you will ever make. If you love to enjoy the outdoors, cooking, swimming or playing with your kids, this is the only way to go.
I have personally had a system for 8 years, and love it! You eventually stop thinking about mosquitos until you go to your friend’s house who doesn’t have one.
Another option that works great but takes a little more effort is to purchase a electric fogger and a couple of chemicals, I would recommend using Cyzmic CS and then also Riptide. The Cyzmic CS will be what is fogged in the foliage, plants and shrubbery. Riptide you can use in the open areas and also the plants, it is contact insecticide that will do what a misting system will do, accept you have to be the one applying it, instead of it being automatic. The Cyzmic CS will have a longer residual effect and when mosquitoes land on the underside of the plants to rest during the day, you have a little surprise for them.
The next option for being mosquito free this year in your backyard is to purchase the Backyard Mosquito Kit, this contains a backpack sprayer, Ny-guard, Exponent and Onslaught. If you already have a sprayer you can purchase the items separately. These chemicals are mixed together and applied again to the plants, foliage and grass. You will get excellent control of mosquitos with this kit.

Well these are my recommendations for controlling mosquitos in your backyard. Remember life is to short to live it inside looking out. So this summer plan on taking back your backyard with one of these solutions from www.epestsolutions.com.

We are here to help and can always offer suggestions or advice for mosquitos or any other pest that is causing you issues.

Refill Options for Mosquito Misting Systems

Riptide Mosquito Misting System Refill

When it is time to think about your Mosquito Misting System Refill

It is almost that time when we need to start our mosquito misting systems up, get all the nozzles replaced, tubing repaired and make sure I system is ready to start killing those mosquitos.
Do not worry we have you covered on all the repair pieces and we are more than happy to walk you through any issue you may have when you try to get it up and running this spring.

But when it comes it what to use in the system we sometimes are not sure, so I thought we should go over all the options for use in the Misting System and what makes them different from each other.
So you have the originals, HydroPy product that has come in and out of production that is a gallon size and is a pyrethrin mixture.

Mosquito Misting System

MistAway Gen III Tankless Misting System

A little more about Hydropy

• Mix 1 gallon of Hydropy-300 in 54 gallons of water
• Pyrethrum concentrate
• 3% pyrethrum with 16% dual synergist in a water-based formula
• More active ingredients per gallon than oil-based pyrethrin products
• Increased economics when used diluted
• Authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants for broad spectrum control of a number of crawling and flying insects found in food handling areas

Then we have products available from MGK manufacturers, these are Sector and Riptide. Riptide is a pyrethrin product with added PBO which helps make the products work better, this is typically what most people will be putting in their systems when they want to stay as eco safe as possible. It is not considered organic but because the pyrethrin comes from a plant, it is not a synthetically manufactured chemical.

A little More about Riptide

Riptide Mosquito Misting Sysetm refill is a Pyrethrin 5%/PBO 25% ULV waterbased solution.
• For use indoors and outdoors and is less harmful to landscape plants and foliage.
• Riptide has no oil and leaves no oil residue.
• Kills biting insects including ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Economical to use compared to other pyrethrin sprays.
Sector on the other hand is a synethetically manufacturered product with PBO also added. This is a permethrin which is man made to resemble the Pyrethrin that is found in Riptide. We think this works better and has a better knock down, but it is not a pyrethrin so you have to way out what is more important to you. They are both completely safe for you and your plants.

A little more about Sector

Sector is a new water-based misting concentrate designed to kill bed bugs, flies, and mosquitoes fast. Its unique formula combines permethrin with a synergist that improves performance. Use it in a compressed sprayer, ULV fogger, or automatic misting system.

Then we have an all green product called Essentria IC3, this product contains no chemicals, only oils and repellents, although is actually does kill mosquitos and flies. Essentria IC3 is the most updated formulation of the EcoExempt IC2 product. Essentria IC3 was improved by adding the adjuvant in the concentrate, as well as a fragrance modifier was added to minimize any odors.

A Little more about Essentria IC 3

Essentria IC3 is a flexible, broad-spectrum EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt product and is organic compliant. This means it is a very safe insecticide for use around your family and pets, but still very effective. One of the best features of Essentria IC3 is that it has no aquatic toxicity. This means you can apply near or over water for spiders, mosquitoes and other water dwelling pests with no worries about harming aquatic life.
• Active Ingredient: Rosemary Oil (10.0%) Geraniol 600 (5.0%) Peppermint Oil (2.0%)

Then for Mosquito Misting system refills we have post patent product that are replica’s of the sector. Control Solutions offers two choices Vector Ban and Vector Ban Plus. Both are very good options for your misting system, vector ban does not have a synergist in the mix and then vector ban plus does which is the exact product as sector but a different manufacturer.

A little more about Vector Ban

Vector-Ban™ Misting Mosquito treatment Insecticide for Homes & Barns
Description: Vector-Ban™ Misting Insecticide, including mosquito spray and repellent, for Homes & Barns controls listed flies, lice, fleas, mites and mosquitoes. Vector-Ban™ is a long-lasting livestock and premise insect and mosquito spray that provides knockdown, broad-spectrum insecticidal effectiveness and excellent residual activity. Use this high-quality mosquito repellent to keep away a variety of insect pests.
Should add a synergist to this product to really get the best control for mosquitos in your backyard.
SynerPro PBO Synerpro controls the active ingredient, synergist Piperonyl Butoxide which most people refer to as PBO. It can be used in sprayer applications, sprayer applicatopms, handheld, foggers, and ULV applications.
SynerPro PBO is something that is added to Pyrethroids, Carbamates, Abamectin and really any other type of insecticide that you want to work better.

A little more about Vector Ban Plus

VECTOR-BAN Plus contains 10% Permethrin and 10% Piperonyl Butoxide.
VECTOR-BAN Plus, a popular pest control product, is for use in automatic misting systems, outdoor band applications, indoor applications, crack & crevice, ULV & space spray, and on listed animals. VECTOR-BAN Plus controls mosquitoes that transmit the West Nile Virus, Flies, Gnats, Wasps, Fleas, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Spiders and many more nuisance pests. VECTOR-BAN Plus can be utilized in warehouses, homes, livestock housing facilities, milking parlors, poultry houses and residential yards. One 1/2 gallon of Vector-Ban Plus makes 55 gallons when mixed with water as the label directs. Since Vector Ban Plus is water based, it will not harm most common ornamental plants and shrubs, so the product is safe for use in backyards near lawn and landscape areas.
So I hope this helps with making any decision on your Mosquito Misting System Refill options, there are plenty of different options and we know we have one that will work for your situation. We at ePestSolutions are more than happy to assist you with making your selection so please do not hesitate to call or email us at 1-888-523-7378 or info@epestsolutions.com.

Professional Cockroach Control

Cockroach control with Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Professional Cockroach Control

Cockroach control can prove to be challenging, as the pest itself is know for evasive behavior that makes detection difficult until population sizes are to large to conceal. Infestations are not common in homes, but may occur if conditions are conducive and include ample food sources. More likely infestations occur in commercial settings, such as restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, dormitories and hotels. With the proper tools and information, do-it-yourself pest control can be successfully implemented to destroy infestations and prevent future occurrences.

Around the world there are over 3,500 different types of roaches. The two most common kinds are the American Cockroach and the German Cockroaches, both of which are frequently referred to as Palmetto bugs. Cockroaches are typically a shade of brown, and have 6 legs, an elongated body and a hard, shell-like backside. The American Cockroach has the ability to fly, whereas some species do not. Cockroaches can produce a nasty odor, and are known to hiss or chirp. In hospital and nursing home settings cockroaches can be especially dangerous as they are known to trigger allergic reactions, and asthma.

If you are wondering how to get rid of roaches? A good place to start is by doing a little investigative work to identify what areas of your home they’re living in. Cockroaches need a couple of things to survive, moisture, food and tight protective areas. These areas are usually the kitchen and bathroom. After you’ve located where they’re living in concentration, follow these methods:

Simple Methods to Follow to Stay Cockroach free:


•Maximize cleanliness: In order to get rid of cockroaches, cut off their food source, make sure that they have to work hard to survive, pick up you food, clean up crumbs, and grease that may get left behind. This will also help when it comes time to put out the cockroach gel bait, less food pressure. Also, routinely sweep your floors and vacuum, remove trash regularly and always keep containers sealed.
•Reduce the moisture: Find any water leaks in your home and fix them. If you eliminate the food and water source, it will help with reduction in populations of cockroaches.
•Bait them: You can purchase a slow-working poisonous bait, which are very attractive and palatable, which roaches ingest, eventually killing all of them over the course of a few weeks. Best solution since you are offering them a food source.
•Insecticides: Having trouble getting rid of big roaches? Try using insecticides and spray it around areas where you suspect them to be hiding. Insecticides are ideal for killing adult roaches. Adding an Insect Growth Regulator will stop the cockroach’s life cycle.
•Traps: If you have a small roach population, administering some traps should be enough to do away with them. These traps work to trap the critters with a sticky adhesive. These sticky traps also can work as a monitoring system so you can make sure the population does not start creeping in again.

Cockroaches do not discriminate

Roaches don’t discriminate—they will happily make themselves at home anywhere. You might say they’re an equal-opportunity invader. Despite the stereotype that roaches will only be found in messy places, no place—no matter how clean—is truly immune from this pest. Any home or building could be at risk, even one inhabited by the most powerful person in the country. Cockroaches can spread bacteria, and create allergens that can cause severe allergic reactions to. How can you protect yourself from serious threats of the cockroaches? Products such as Advion Cockroach Gel Bait can provide thorough control of all the major cockroach species such as German, Australian, Brown, Smoky brown, oriental, brown banded, Asian and American cockroaches.

Controlling German cockroaches in these environments, however, can prove quite challenging. They travel easily on deliveries, boxes, and reproduce quickly, and prefer to live inside difficult to access cracks, crevices and voids. In addition, some German cockroach strains are resistant to some common insecticides, and others have developed feeding aversions to some bait formulations.

Critical first step in cockroach control in any type of environment whether it is apartment, homes or commercial areas, is to inspect everywhere and leave no stone unturned, you need to really try and located all of the harborage areas.

Cockroaches are reclusive, spending the majority of their time in protected places such as cracks and crevices or voids. The better the shelter and the less accessible it is the more likely the population if just increasing from day to day.

Important facts you need to know to prevent cockroach control from failing:

When we talk about German cockroaches you should realize they are remarkable resilient. They are more than 300 million years old and have evolved in moist and dark environments. They can survive in crack and crevices of your home very successfully. The scary part is that a single female cockroach can produce more than 280 eggs, even though they only live for about 3 months. When it comes to German cockroaches they are more likely to develop resistance to baiting and chemicals because of the short life cycle and large number of off spring. There are some insecticides that will not control cockroach population at all if they are pre-adapted to survive through behavioral aversion, basically meaning they learn to sense and avoid the chemical all together, so that it will have no effect.

To prevent resistance you will want to inspect the area you are going to be treating and make the best decision on treatment type. Follow all insecticide labels correctly and apply enough cockroach gel bait to make sure you are successful, incorporate multiple control strategies, cockroach gel bait, insecticide applications and also glue board traps and lures. You may want to also think about rotating your active ingredients and different matrix formulations for better long term results.

Cockroaches feast on an array of food sources, from human and pet food to paper products. If an infestation has occurred, it is important to seal all food, and ensure garbage is not accessible. Prevention recommendations include sealing all entry points, and remediating any moisture sources that the roaches find attractive. Using caulk to fix any plumbing and electrical entry points, and applying a perimeter treatment, will provide protection against pest entry.

When you are ready to take care of your cockroach control problem we can assist with a full line of cockroach control kits, professional baits, aerosols, IGR’s and Insecticides label for a wide variety of application sites.

Use Cockroach Baits

It’s easy to see why gel baits have become so popular with homeowners, property managers and technicians. Cockroach control baits are convenient to apply to easily accessible, shallow cracks, little or no preparation is required, and there are no significant odor or exposure issues. Unfortunately, some strains of cockroaches have been found to exhibit feeding aversion to some gel matrices. This challenge can be greatly diminished or eliminated by rotating baits that contain different food, so offer them a couple of different choices of baits, better to change them out every three to six months.

Pressurized Insecticides

We realize that a lot of DIYers may not be ready to get that extreme, which is why we suggest augmenting the use of a roach control kit with professional grade aerosol sprays. You will get the same juice that the pros use, but in an extremely portable and convenient container. Using pressurized insecticides, Using pressurized residual products for long-term control in cracks and crevices revolutionized the cockroach control strategy and remains a leading approach today. Precise applications delivering deposits of Prescription Treatment® brand Phantom® Pressurized Insecticide or Prescription

Treatment® brand Cy-Kick® Crack & Crevice® Pressurized Residual into the cracks and crevices where cockroaches are most likely to spend time is an efficient use of time and material. Very easy to apply and comes with application straw for getting into those tight cracks. Cy-Kick Pressurized brings with it extremely fast knockdown, low odor and a proven track record as a high-performance, long-lasting go-to product.

Phantom Pressurized is known for its long-lasting effectiveness even on harsh surfaces. And because it is a none repellent, it will not scatter roaches during a treatment and/or disrupt cockroach feeding behavior should bait placements be nearby. Rotate these products periodically for best performance, if you are using them for long periods of time to control cockroaches.

This stuff is so potent that it can only be shipped on the ground, so the roaches in your ground will be easy prey. Aerosol cockroach spray is easy-to-use, cost effective, and easy to store.

At ePestSolutions we offer several options for effective control, that can be used and purchased separately as well as in convenient kits. Treatment can be performed with insecticide granules as well as liquid insecticides and dust insecticides. Bait and traps are available, including easy to use gel baits that can be placed throughout the infested areas. With proper cleaning care and insecticide use, roach infestations can be brought under control and future reoccurrence will be minimal if proper practice is carried on over time.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroach control with Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Getting Rid of Cockroaches



This is just a live chat conversation about getting rid of cockroaches in their kitchen.  Thought this would be good information for anyone struggling with getting rod of cockroaches and trying to make the best choice!


Hello. I have the CB 80 and my husband did not want to use it because you had to cover yourself from head to toe spraying it. and then use a lot of precaustion of removing your clothes. Well I need to fogg our house. and This company CB has what I need is it as time consuming and dangerous to use.

monica:No it is not dangerous to use, and all products have pretty much the same cautions on the label

monica:you have cb-80 the aerosol can?

monica:or the fogger

Lajuana:We are going to get rid of our refrigerator because they love, love the ice box and that is mainly were they live I believe.


Lajuana:I have the can. I want to get the fogger.

monica:Ok, for the fogger you would need to turn off all open flames and leave the room area until it has completely dried a couple of hours for most people

Lajuana:Yes. It does not matter how clean the house is we still have the problem.

monica:Unfortunately roaches can survive with litle to no food, so once they are there it can be very difficult to get rid of them without the proper products

monica:Look at this product and I would recommend using the advion roach gel bait

Lajuana:I know to that. But when does the fogger release its content. My husband is such a scare a phobe and if that stuff foggs he may think he will die. for me I am more relaxed and just want the problem taking care of.

monica:it works as a food source and will get rid of the majority in 4 to 7 days


monica:you will get much better results with this product then the fogger

Lajuana:Why is gel bait better. I have seen exterminators use this and wonder why. To me when I bought the gel it dried up in one day of use. Is it still good when it driees up?

monica:the roaches come to the bait and ingest them it will continue to kill even the roaches that do not come out of hiding because they will eat their own dead and the poison is still killing

monica:Advion does not dry up for 30 days, very attractive and extremely palatable

monica:Customer Comments “Love the Advion Roach Bait Gel! Put the tube down in an empty apartment that the last residents left infested. Turned around and the cockroaches were gathered around it “licking” it off. Best product around!

Lajuana:I will try it thanks. were should I place it . At night they love being in the kitchen sink and the counter around the sink. Can I put the gel in the cabinets were I have dishes? We wash every dish before we use it,

monica:you can place the bait any place you are seeing them, and droppings

monica:even around the frig

monica:under sink


monica:just keep clear of spraying any cleaning products or chemicals when you are using the bait, you want them to ingest it not have any type of aversion to it


Gentrol Point Source maybe an added layer to the cockroach control program.

For more information on these products or to find more information about getting rid of cockroaches the DIY pest control way, go to www.epestsolutions.com or call our toll free number 1-888-523-7378.




Watch out Flies there is A New Sheriff In Town

Fly Control Zappers

Watch out Flies there is A New Sheriff In Town

Zyrox Fly Granular Bait


The bait matrix of Zyrox has a lower bulk density than most competitor fly baits. This allows for comparable surface area coverage and volume to other baits, but with fewer pounds of bait to carry, move and store.



When it comes to fly control and problem area management, the flies might start getting a little nervous.  New product available on the market from Syngenta has caused quite a stir up!

Zyrox Fly Granular Bait is head and shoulders above the old fly baits on the market and the data proves it.

Watch this video and see how quickly it works!


What makes this so special it contains an new unique active ingredient that helps with even the flies that have become resistant to the old chemistry.  The bait matrix is both highly attractive and extremely palatable to flies.  The main part to take from this statement is that the flies love it!

Still better yet it takes less of the stuff to do the same or better job than the old baits.  So you use less chemcial and cost is reduced.

Zyrox® fly granular bait from Syngenta Professional Pest Management features a unique active ingredient, cyantraniliprole, which has no documented resistance issues and is highly attractive to flies, even without a pheromone lure.

The active ingredient in Zyrox, cyantraniliprole, makes it an idealrotational partner in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Insect Resistance

Management (IRM) programs for effective fly control.  One the house fly ingest the active ingredient, the effects can be seen within minutes and a quick death follows.


The recommended use rate of Zyrox is 3.2 oz/1,000 ft2, and the high rate of 6.4 oz/1,000 ft2 can be used for high-level fly infestations.

Checkout our blog on fly control recommendations

Zyrox Fly Bait has been approved for both indoor and outdoor use in the most common areas that flies are a problem.

To purchase the Zyrox Fly Granular Bait or other fly control products please visit us at www.epestsolutions.com or call our staff 1-888-523-7378.

How to Control an Ant Problem Optigard Ant

do it yourself ant control

How to Control an Ant Problem


Ant Control with Optigard Ant Bait and Optigard Flex will get your ant problem under control faster than you can say “under control”.

There is no doubt that ants can drive you crazy, because they seem to come out of nowhere and take over entire kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces.  It is like the old cartoons where the ants just carry off the entire picnic basket before you can take a bite of your chicken.

But ant control does not have to be overly complicated or stressful when you have the right products and support.  There are really tons of insecticides that are labeled for ant control, sprays and baits.  But believe us when we say not all are created equal.

Ant Control That’s Clearly Preferred

Clear, odorless ant gel bait with an extremely palatable formula for maximum ant control

Optigard® Ant Gel Bait insecticide, powered by the active ingredient thiamethoxam, offers unparalleled control of a broad spectrum of ants by ingestion and transfer of the clear and odorless bait for effective colony control. This is very important when it comes to ant control. You only want the ants to ingest the bait and go about their business. We usually recommend that customers using bait do not applying cleaning solutions, chemicals spray, etc near where you are trying to get the ants to pick up and ingest the bait.


Checkout More About the Optigard Ant Bait Gel:

  • Offers unparalleled control of a broad spectrum of ants, including Argentine, carpenter, ghost and other nuisance ant species by ingestion and transfer of the bait killing more ants and reducing customer call backs
  • Ants prefer Optigard Ant Gel bait: more ants are attracted, more ants ingest and more ants share the bait with the colony for a more complete kill. Better performance results in higher customer retention.
  • Formulation will not stain treated surfaces or give off strong odor but will hold its shape


Ants are pretty intelligent and if they sense that something is going on? If it has a strange taste or smell, you may never get them to ingest it. This is one reason we recommend using a non repellent spray when you are thinking about ant control.




Optigard and Optigard Flex

Best Ant Control Kit on the Market

You do not want the ants to avoid the spray all together, you want them to keep on moving through it, and get it all over them, and bring it back to the colony. So using the right product, that is made for ants almost specifically and will keep your ants working just like if nothing was happening and the end was just around the corner. Optigard Flex is just that product with an exceptional chemistry. Breaking the boundaries of common pest control

Non-repellent chemistry with low use rates and flexible application methods to control pests both indoors and out.

Optigard® Flex, with the active ingredient thiamethoxam, is a non-repellent, liquid insecticide that is active against insects by both contact and ingestion and can be used both indoors and out.


Use less chemical, with better results, the active ingredient in the Optigard Flex Ant control product allows you to make a much more targeted application.


It not only works as a contact insecticide but works also through ingestion on a wide variety of targeted insects. Works on important pests including these important guys such as ants, cockroaches, and drywood termites, ensuring a more complete control.


You can apply the Optigard Flex as a zone treatment, spraying only the area that you are seeing the activity, general surface spray, this is important when you have a cockroach problem, and also a crack and crevice treatment. There are not many products that have this flexible of an application label.


More on Optigard Flex


Optigard Flex is a new non-repellent insecticides that is active against insects by both contact and ingestion. This makes it very effective against social insects such as ants, but it will work against other nuisance pest. Will work on boxelder bugs also.

Optigard Flex can also be applied as a tree and shrub spray to control honeydew-producing insects that ants use as their primary food source.


To purchase the Optigard Ant Bait and Optigard Flex Kit and Save on your Ant Control, visit us at www.epestsolutions.com or call us at 1-888-523-7378. We would love to assist you in all your DIY pest control needs.

How to Control Fleas with Nyguard Plus Flea Spray

Best DIY Flea Control Spray

How to Control Fleas with Nyguard Plus Flea Spray


Checkout what is new about Flea Control, best new products on the market.


Nyguard Plus Flea Spray, can be used for both fleas and ticks and is very easy to apply.

Will prevent and kill fleas, and ticks for up to 7 months.  It also have an odor neutralizer inside that will take care of pet odors including urine.

Has the best application cap on the market and has no-drip technology.   Super fast acting formula and will not stain water -safe surfaces.

NyGuard Plus is a unique product that combines flea and tick control with a pet odor neutralizer.

Nyguard PlusFlea and Tick Spray  will break the life cycle of fleas.

You will want to hold your can about 2 to 3 feet from eh surfaces that you will be treating.

It is best to give the floor a good vacuuming before spraying with Nyguard Plus flea spray.  Also try and remove as many items from the floor as possible before you spray this will give you better coverage and in the end better control.


  • Turn the container upside down and point the valve towards the surface to be sprayed.
  • You will want to apply uniformly and use a good slow sweeping motion to carpets, rugs, flooring, floors, drapes and really all surfaces that you will be treating.
  • It can be applied to upholstered furniture including the cushions.
  • Allow all the surfaces to completely dry before you reenter the area.
  • This is all you will need to be successful in controlling your flea or tick problem.  A fine mist or spray is exactly how you want the Nyguard Plus to be applied.
  • You will want to treat the pets bedding, as this is the prime central location for where the animal is resting and will be the primary spot for fleas, ticks and their eggs.
  • Do not treat your pets with the Nyguard Plsu, you can spray them with Petcor which is a great product for flea and tick control that is meant to apply directly onto your pets.
  • Nygaurd can also be used to Cockroaches, dust mites, carpet beetles, and lice.

How to Control Cockroaches

For application for cockroaches, this needs to be applied as a crack and crevice treatment, behind sinks, cabinets, along baseboards, and floors.  Spray the Nyguard around the drains and plumbing.  You must get the cockroaches to come in to contact with the Nyguard Plus spray.  You may also want to think about using a good cockroach control bait, Vendetta® Plus

Dual action kills cockroaches where they hide


Vendetta® Plus combines two modes-of-action to kill German Cockroaches where they hide and the development and reproduction of cockroaches.


Control Dust Mites

Dust Mites: Spray with a sweeping motion same as when you are applying for fleas or ticks, to surfaces where mites congregate such as mattresses, box springs, headboard, floors, carpeting, and baseboard. Spray surfaces until damp. Apply on mattresses as a spot treatment to mattress seams, edges, buttons, and tufts of bed only. You do not use directly on pillows, bed linens, or cloths. Do not saturate the mattress and do not treat entire surface area of mattress. Allow mattress to dry thoroughly before replacing pillows and/or bed linens, this will usually take a couple of hours.  A lite mist is much better and you will get better results without wasting a whole lot of money by over spraying.

 How to Control Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles: Apply with a sweeping motion as a surface spray to carpet, rugs, closets, baseboards, upholstered furniture, and around edges of carpet.


How to Control Lice

Lice: Spray only surfaces that cannot be laundered or dry-cleaned including mattresses and upholstered furniture. Apply on mattresses as a spot treatment to mattress seams, edges, buttons, and tufts of bed only. Do not use directly on pillows, bed linens, or cloths.

Do not saturate the mattress and do not treat entire surface area of mattress. Allow mattress to dry thoroughly before replacing pillows and/or bed linens.

To Buy the Nyguard Plus Flea and Tick Spray or other professional pest control product visit us at www.epestsolutions.com or call at 1-888-523-7378

Rat Control Kits

Rat Control Kits - Rats and Rodents

Rat Control Kits can help out during the drought

Droughts affect everyone, even rats. A significant lack of water where rats usually live (storm drains, for example), may cause them to emerge to find alternative water sources. Places where animals are kept such as stables and dog parks usually have water which rats will seek. To make sure that a rat and his friends don’t find a hospitable source of water and food at your house, get a Rat and Rodent Control Kit 2 at ePest Solutions. This is a great kit for smaller rat populations and domestic rat control. It comes with three stations with traps, and a 4lb pain of rodent bait. It’s safe to have around children and pets, and can easily eliminate up to 160 rodents. (more…)

WIll You Need Industrial Mosquito Foggers?

Mosquito Control - Industrial Mosquito Foggers

Mosquito Control - Industrial Mosquito FoggersMosquitoes are a common pest and are found in various parts of the world. They have four life cycles: egg, larva, pupa, adult. The female lay the eggs in stagnate water where they become a larva and then pupa. These first three stages can happen between 5-14 days. From the pupa develops an adult mosquito. Within a few days, the adults are mating and the process begins all over again. Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish with a piercing mouth part. After a feeding, she rests while her eggs are developing. Then, she lays them and continues to looking for her meal. In nature, female mosquitoes do not live much longer than a couple of weeks. Mosquitos have a variety of ways of finding prey. They use chemical, visual, and heat sensors. During the feeding, some mosquitoes can pass on exceedingly harmful infections. Some of these include malaria, yellow fever, and filariasis.  (more…)