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Average pest control costs

Pest control costs

Budgets can make or break you. Even if you try to plan for every foreseeable disaster, you may still come up short. Difficulties and emergencies can hit without notice and leave you penniless. Pest control is often overlooked in the budget meeting. Knowing how much pest control costs for professional services versus doing it yourself can give you peace of mind when the time comes. (more…)


Image of a field mouse

Why should you remove mice and rats?

Every country has rats and mice. Most kinds live in woods and fields, but three kinds live with people: the house mouse, Norway rat and roof rat. From Beverly Hills to the slums of Calcutta, rats and mice will move in with the best of people. They like open garbage cans, dumpsters, sewers and rubbish heaps. If you see a rat or mouse, you can be sure there are many more! They usually hide by day and come out at night. Rats and mice cause more damage inside our homes than any other mammal in the world. They spread salmonella, hantavirus and 17 other diseases, and chew essential house parts such as electrical wires. Phenomenally fertile, a cute pair of mice living in your garage can grow into a gang of 20 or more in only a few months. (more…)

How to Inspect, Prevent and Treat Thrips in Your Home and Yard

Checkout our new video on controlling and identifying thrips in your home and in your yard.

When you are looking for ways to Inspect, and prevent Thrips on your plants and yard, ePestSolutions.com has you covered. Thrips are very small, slender insects that are not easily seen with the naked eye. When they have wings present they will have four identical wings. The wings of a Thrip is fringed with hair, similar to a feather. Sometimes small enough to enter through openings in a screen. Thrips can bite humans that they come in contact with and can cause a rash. Typically in the summer months they can become a nuisance in the outdoors, around swimming pools and in lawns. Inside homes they are more a nuisance because you find they along exterior walls and are occasional pest. (more…)

Considering Do It Yourself pest control, but wondering if it’s worth the hassle? Short answer, it totally is!

Do It Yourself Pest Control

We understand, you’ve got a busy schedule, and we are sure the last thing you want to do with your free time is hassle with bug or rodent infestations. But, the thing is, do it yourself options aren’t half the hassle you may think and cutting out the middleman comes with more perks that you know! (more…)

Easy Pest Control

Ant Control

Now that fall is here and the temperatures are getting cooler, all kinds of bugs and insects are looking for a warm place to spend the winter (or just a few days). The best way to keep them out of your house is to not give them a chance to get in. Take a slow walk around the exterior of your house and look closely at the exterior walls, doors, windows, roof and foundation. Take notes about any points of entry you find (and look closely-you will find some). (more…)

Raccoon Removal Solutions

How to Remove Raccoons

Raccoons are found everywhere in North America. As the population expands, more and more raccoon habitat is being populated by humans. Raccoons have made the adjustment well and have adapted to city life. In the 1920s the first “city” raccoon sighting was in Cincinnati, Ohio and now they are in nearly every city in the United States. (more…)

Common Winter Pests: Keep Them Out Of Your Home

Common Winter Pests

Have you heard of “overwintering”? It is a set of processes used by insects and animals to enable them to get through the winter season alive. Some migrate to warmer climes, some hibernate, and some move right into your warm and cozy home! You can identify common pests that want to overwinter in your home and take steps to keep them out. (more…)

Eliminate Your Pest Problems Now With One Of Our Pest Control Kits

Pest Control Kits

When you have pest problems you want them taken care of quickly, efficiently, and at the best price. Sometimes the best pest control solutions involve more than one product to be thoroughly effective. Here at ePestSolutions we have put together kits of carefully chosen products that directly target a pest problem from all fronts. This makes it easy and convenient for you to tackle pests!

Four Specific Solutions In Easy To Use Kits!

Our kits take the guesswork out of deciding what products to choose for specific pest elimination. We have matched up effective products that work in tandem with each other to get results. Whether you have ants, rodents, or fleas, we have a custom kit that will work for you. You can choose from these kits:

Looking for present ideas for those hard to shop for family and friends? Ever consider pest control products? Here’s why you should get a gift from ePestSolutions!

Winter Rodent Control

Ah! With stocking hanging over the fireplace where the chestnuts are roasting and a tree decorated with ornaments and topped with a glittering star, you can real feel the holiday cheer. The house is warm and cozy with the familiar and welcoming scent of the evergreen in the living room and the cookies baking in the oven.
It’s the vision of holiday bliss; unless ants are eating Santa’s cookies and the clatter of reindeer on the roof are really mice skittering around the attic. Nothing kills the holiday spirit quicker than unwelcome visitors, namely insect and rodent infestations. (more…)

DIY Pest Control Gift Ideas from ePestSolutions

DIY Pest Control Gift IdeasChristmas has a way of sneaking up on the ill prepared. One minute you are enjoying the fall colors and the next you are getting an invitation to your friends Christmas party. So start thinking about the gifts you are going to get your friends now. To really impress your friends, make sure you find something that they can actually use and will improve their quality of life. ePestSolutions has many products to rid your home or business of nearly any pests including ants, bed bugs, pesky birds, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, fungus and mold, gophers, mosquitoes, pantry pests, rats, mice, rodents, roaches, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, stinging insects, termites, ticks, and many others!. If a pest is a problem for you, it’s something your loved ones may experience as well. This holiday season, ease your loved ones burdens by giving the gift of a pest free New Year! (more…)