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Common Winter Pests: Keep Them Out Of Your Home

Have you heard of “overwintering”? It is a set of processes used by insects and animals to enable them to get through the winter season alive. Some migrate to warmer climes, some hibernate, and some move right into your warm and cozy home! You can identify common pests that want to overwinter in your home […]

Three Ways to Prevent Swallow Nests

Reposting this great information, they did not have share buttons one emails Three Ways to Prevent Swallow Nests Before you know it the swallows will return to make their mark on your customer’s homes and businesses. These beautiful little birds can make an ugly mess on any overhang-type structure such as eaves, porch roofs, and […]

Eight Very Important Questions About Canada Geese

Canada Geese are very Beautiful Creatures.  Most people don’t realize however, they are also very dangerous to Humans.  They can ruin your landscape with the pound or more per day of droppings that each Goose lets out.  Also, in those droppings histoplasmosis, which can be fatal to humans.  These are just some of the things […]

Living in the Gutter with Birds

Until I got gutters, I had no idea how annoying and detrimental birds could be.  I’ve always enjoyed watching them circle and swoop, listened to their lovely melodies, and generally just appreciated the gifts that nature had given them.  This was before I became the proud new owner of shiny gutters on our family home.  […]

You May Need Bird Repellent if You’re Seeing too Many Birds Around

Bird repellent is a very cost effective solution to keeping birds away from your home or
place of business. While other bird control devices and netting can be difficult to figure
out – at best – and expensive at worst. Bird repellent works to repel birds from roofs,
structures, interior or exterior walls, siding, statues, bridges, roosting around buildings,
and other sites where birds are a problem.

Bird Repellent – “4 The Birds®”

What is “4 THE BIRDS“® Bird Repellent-Gel 4 THE BIRDS® is a transparent compound which is applied to places where pigeons and starlings rest, roost or nest. 4 THE BIRDS® contains polybutene which is used in chewing gum, surgical bandages and lipstick and will not kill birds when used according to package directions. Also, because of its unique […]

Bird Control Solutions

Click to View Our Bird Control Products More Bird Control Products The best long-term success for bird control (pigeon control, sparrow control, etc) will be to make changes that make it impossible for these and other birds to be able to use our structures as their roosts and nesting spots. This will cost a lot […]