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Mole Traps 101

Although moles are small animals that spend most of their time living in underground burrows, when they do decide to come out, they can often cause all sorts of problems around your home and lawn. Getting rid of these pests with mole traps is a quick and effective way to eliminate them from your property […]

Don’t Mouse Around: Try Mouse Bait

Why Use Mouse Bait Mouse bait is an effective and simple way to get rid of mice for good. You can use several different kinds of poisonous baits to get rid of those unwanted critters. The best thing about using bait is that mice will find it without you needing to be there to intervene […]

How to Exercise Real Mouse Control

Mouse control is a serious issue that needs special attention if you want to successfully rid your home and lawn of these pesky little critters. There are several ways to get rid of mice, ranging from simple bait to detailed traps. Read on for the details. Mouse Control: Humane Traps If you are not interested […]

West Nile Virus Outbreak and Mosquito Control

The Center for Disease Control sent out this report: “As of August 28th, 2012, a total of 48 states have reported West Nile virus infections in people, birds or mosquitoes. Only Alaska and Hawaii have reported no West Nile virus activity. Forty-three states have reported at least one human case of West Nile virus disease. […]

Treatment Options for Roach Control

The world of roach control products may be overwhelming for the do it yourself pest controller. In the following article, we review some of the most effective pest control products for the control of small roaches and cockroaches. Treatment options for a cockroach infestation include: Glue or “sticky” traps  or  “bait traps” can be used […]

Organic Gardening Options for Ant Control

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now, you’ll remember my earlier post about my beautiful eggplants and my terrible ant control problem. Well, it has happened again. My hypothesis is no longer just a theory. For some reason, eggplants seem to be my local ants’ favorite snack. They scurry up the stalks […]

Summertime and the Living is Easy for Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a tiny, gnat like pest that can be a huge nuisance to home owners, particularly, while trying to enjoy outside family gatherings. There is nothing that says ick like having guests over and watching them battle over their juicy piece of cantaloupe with a swarm of fruit flies. In this article we […]

Controlling Flies in a Food Preparation Environment

If you are in any type of customer oriented business, one quick way to end repeat business is with this three letter word; F-L-Y. Consciously or subconsciously, people detest the sight of buzzing flies in any area that they want to spend their hard earned money, but most especially in places that are preparing their […]

Roaches Infestation Control: The Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Killer

No matter what the season - summer, spring, winter or fall - roaches never seem to take a holiday at all. Roaches come in many shapes and sizes and thrive without much attention. There are simple steps to roaches infestation control that you can take to minimize the opportunity for roaches to flourish in your […]

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