Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Nothing ruins a day quite like a cockroach sighting. Everything’s fine until you see something skittering away, out of the corner of your eye. It’s a cockroach. And that means other cockroaches. And possible eggs. And nightmares. Avoid the hassle of calling an exterminator and consider these do-it-yourself cockroach elimination tips.

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Starve Them Out

  • Believe it or not, the typical cockroach’s diet is not an entree of human nightmares and tears. It survives on regular scraps of food and water.
  • Clean your home of all organic, ingestible residues. If there are no food crumbs, grease or water leaks for a cockroach to feed from, it can no longer live in your home. But, remember they do not much at all to survive.

Taking the Bait

  • Easily purchased at a do-it-yourself pest control online company, for professional baits, cockroach bait is ideal for killing entire cockroach populations. Good bait will take the population of roaches down in about 4 days. Make easy work of getting rid of your unwanted guest and for as little as $30.00.
  • Place the cockroach bait in out-of-the-way places where cockroaches are likely to be, such as under the sink, near baseboards, or in corners. When cockroaches eat the bait, they take the toxin back with them and usually can die inside the wall voids or their harborage areas. Good news they actually eat their own dead, so the bait actually keeps killing in areas that you did not even place the roach bait, killing off entire group.


  • There’s no defense like a good offense, purchase insecticides specifically designed for cockroach control.
  • Insecticides, whether homemade (with soapy water) or professional strength, make great weapons whenever you lay eyes on a roach.
  • Spray the offender near the head and stomach with home remedies. The spray causes the roach to suffocate.
  • Other insecticides allow you to spray home surfaces as a preventative measure against cockroaches.
  • Professional strength insecticides can be sprayed around the baseboards, under cabinets, etc. Always follow manufacturer guidelines on all pesticides.

It’s a Trap!

  • Does the idea of picking up or touch a cockroach appall you? If so, consider a cockroach trap.
  • There are two main types of cockroach traps: the adhesive trap and the water trap.
  • Purchased at the online DIY stores, adhesive traps lure the bugs into their confines and trap them there forever; you simply through the traps away, work great for monitoring and other insects.
  • Simply filling a jar with water makes homemade water traps. Due to the jar’s design, cockroaches will fall in and be unable to escape and drown. For the sake of aesthetics, consider using a tinted or opaque jar.

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