How to Kill Bamboo

Email received about killing Bamboo, and we thought this might be worth a repost:


Good morning, the best way I know how to kill Bamboo is to use a glyphosate herbicide something like Roundup and add a water soluble fertilizer at the same time, maybe miracle grow.  This is to be sprayed over all the leaves of the bamboo, the fertilizer is really tricking in a way the Bamboo and causing it to absorb the herbicide quickly.  Not the hard part, you need to wait and let the entire plant, it will start turning brown at the leaves, and takes time for the whole plant including the runners to be killed.

You can reapply in about 2 weeks, but do not cut them down until you can just simply pull the out of the ground.

This trick really works, but you need to be patient.

Please let me know if I can assist you any further, Happy Hunting.


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