Ticks Got Ya Scratching Your Head

Ticks Got Ya Scratching Your Head

We tend to stop thinking about fleas and ticks when the cold months start rolling in, but do our pets.  Fleas and ticks on your dog or cat will not be affected by the cold outside so we need to pay just as much attention in December as we do in May.

Check your pets for fleas and the feces blood spots and using a good flea comb after bathing time is always a great tool for inspection.  Check for ticks between their paws and ears.  Thick coats on animals can make it difficult to locate if any ticks are there until they are fully engorged with blood.  Spraying your pets with a flea and tick spray is very helpful; something like Petcor will do the trick.

If you miss one single engorged female on the inside she can successfully deposit her full load of up to 5000 eggs, hidden in some crevice or void. And then you will have a problem.  So inspect your dogs carefully daily, and remove any ticks quickly in the proper manner.

On the outside think about the areas that ticks will be the highest concentrations, in heavy brush.  This may also a good time to remove excessive brush and plantings in the pet’s area.  And think about applying a good residual insecticide in the early spring if you are in an area of heavy tick infestation.

But not matter your pest problem, flea or tick you can find a full line of solutions  at ePestSolutions.

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