Mother Earth D Offers Natural Bug Control

Mother Earth D Green

If you find yourself battling any type of crawling pests, you are probably seeking a pest control solution that works well—yet picking something natural and non-toxic may also be important to you.

You will be happy to learn that you can have both—an insect-fighting product that gets rid of the pests but is also safe for your family.

Mother Earth D Green contains an ingredient that is considered among the safest natural choices for bug control. It has 100% diatomaceous earth—which works by dehydrating the insects after they come into direct contact with it, so it is often applied by putting a layer of the dust in areas that get a lot of insect traffic.

It is a very effective natural roach killer, and works on a variety of other pests, as well, including ants, spiders and fleas.

Best of all, it is completely safe for humans and pets, so it’s a great option for areas and situations where you would want to avoid using something that is toxic or potentially dangerous for people and animals. Since it kills over time, it is often used as part of a long-term pest control strategy.

Mother Earth D Green is available in a variety of formats and sizes from ePestSolutions.

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