Suspend SC Offers Versatility and Strength

Suspend SC

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself plagued by not just one but several different types of insects, you probably don’t want to deal with the hassle of juggling a bunch of different bug control products. It is much more convenient—not to mention cost effective—to use a single product that can wipe out many different kinds of pests.

Consider using Suspend SC to handle an infestation of multiple species of bugs. It offers great versatility because it works against a wide variety of insects in different types of settings (residential, outdoor, industrial and more).

Effective against everything from bed bugs to scorpions, Suspend SC contains deltamethrin, which is a pyrethroid (man-made version of pyrethrum). You might think of this as a new and improved version of this type of insect killer because it is stronger and more concentrated than older pyrethroids. This gives it maximum killing power.

It’s an especially good choice for pests like fleas and bed bugs because—unlike some other chemicals—Suspend SC is approved for use on mattresses, furniture and carpets.  Suspend SC is also a good long-term solution because it offers residual benefits, so it can keep killing pests for an extended period of time.

Suspend SC is available in a variety of formulas and sizes at ePestSolutions.

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