Termites May Invade Your Wooden Furniture


Termites can be a major problem for homeowners. But it isn’t just the structure of the home itself that’s at risk from these tiny yet destructive pests. The furnishings inside the home can also be a very attractive place for termites to live, hang out, eat and just commit general destruction.

Termites—particularly a species known as drywood termites—can survive just fine in furniture or other wooden materials. Unlike the types of termites that usually cause serious structural problems while nesting underground, drywood termites don’t need soil or moisture in order to survive. These types of termites can be brought into the home if you buy used or antique furniture, although they can “hitch a ride” on just about any type of wooden furnishings.

One good thing is that this type of termite infestation is usually confined to a fairly small, limited area. And while it can be disappointing to have your furniture damaged by these pests, it’s nowhere near as problematic or expensive as the damage that other types of termites can do to the structure of your home. However, a small infestation—left uncontrolled—can quickly grow and spread, and this can cause increasing damage.

These types of termites cannot survive in extreme temperatures, so one common tactic (especially for smaller pieces of furniture) is to place the infested item in a very cold area. However, there’s no guarantee that will get rid of all of the pests. For more effective and reliable termite control, you should use an insecticide product specifically designed to get rid of these pests quickly.

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