Insect Damage on Trees Becomes Obvious in Fall

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If you have beautiful trees on your property (or just in your neighborhood) you would probably hate to see them damaged or injured in any way. Unfortunately, right about this time of year, many people often come to the disappointing realization that some of their beloved trees or plants have suffered damage over the summer as a result of a tiny enemy: insects.

This damage often isn’t noticeable (at least not from a quick glance) during warmer weather when the tree is lush and full. But once the leaves start to fall and it’s easier to get a good look at the structure of the tree (including its trunk and limbs) the damage may be easy to spot. Of course, broken or fallen twigs and branches may be an immediate sign of damage to the tree.

Insects can cause a surprising amount of damage, considering their small size. And by the time you realize there’s a problem, the tree may have already experienced considerable injury. That’s why it’s important to take action to try and prevent (or at least lessen) potential insect-related damage before it happens.

Fortunately, there are many bug control products that can effectively protect trees and plants from destructive insects. ePestSolutions has a wide variety of insecticide products designed for use in gardens and other outdoor areas.

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