The Top Alternatives to Fly Trap Bait to Kill Flies

killing fliesPeople used to have to simply deal with flies or get a good upper-body workout by swatting them away all day.  Fly trap bait, which is used in several varieties of traps and glue strips to handle flies in a room, are a great way to handle these little pests; but many people simply don’t like the look of the traditional fly strips hanging from ceilings.  Luckily, these aren’t the only fly traps, or even baits, out there.

New Twists on Old Fly Traps

The idea behind sticky fly trap strips seems dated, but it didn’t take much for the idea to be brought into the modern world.  There are now fly traps that look like nothing more than small bowls with lids on top of them.  Additionally, some of the newer fly traps and fly trap baits consist of nothing more than adhesive pads that can be rolled up and stuck around pipes to keep flies at bay.

Non-Adhesive Fly Trap Bait

Adhesive traps are not the only types of fly trap bait out there.  One type, in fact, uses a glue board, much like the ones aforementioned, but it’s placed around ultraviolet lighting.  While this seems like a traditional “zapper,” it does nothing more than draw flies in and trap them.  This makes these types of traps safe in food preparation areas.

Homeowners also have the option of outdoor traps that use granular fly bait to attract the pests.  While these granules aren’t usually safe for children or animals, these traps are made so that they can be locked and thus prevent unintended access by anything but flies.

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