The How Do’s and Benefits of Using Fly Lights for Killing Flies

Genus Fly Light

Although visitors don’t usually cringe at a random fly unless it’s hovering around food, these pests can still become quite annoying.  Homeowners have found a number of ways to rid themselves of flies over the decades, but for some reason, few have stumbled onto fly lights.  These aren’t the “zapper” lights that are seen on front porches, and in fact, typical fly lights are sometimes more effective than the traditional zapper.

How do Fly Lights Attract Flies?

The mechanism of attracting flies is all important for a fly light.  The lights inside of these devices are usually high-output ultraviolet (UV) bulbs.  This type of lighting attracts flies, and several other insects for that matter, that may be flying around.  What’s even better is the fact that these lights don’t automatically zap, kill, and leave a fly dead on the floor.

The UV bulbs, which can easily be replaced when necessary, don’t harm flies at all.  Luckily, the pests still never make it out alive.

How do Fly Lights Kill Flies?

The fly lights themselves do not kill bugs.  The glue boards inside of them, however, trap the insects and ensure that they’ll never be a nuisance again.  Additionally, glue boards instilled with pheromones can be used to ensure that flies go right into the trap.

Living with flies isn’t a necessity, and due to the nature of fly lights, these devices can even be used indoors.  This means homeowners can save the zappers for outside and the less invasive fly lights for the indoors.

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