Ultracide Provides Effective Flea Control

Ultracide Flea Spray

If you know or suspect you may have a flea problem, you are probably dreading what you envision will be an exhausting and time-consuming process trying to get rid of these tiny pests. The good news is, there are some tools that can help make this process much easier than you might expect.

One effective product that can really help with this process is Ultracide Contact Flea Control. Not only is this easy to apply—it comes in a simple to use spray can—but it can also provide protection for an entire season!

You can use Ultracide to treat a variety of areas that are or could be infested by fleas, including carpets, furniture and pet bedding.

This product is also known as Ultracide Flea IGR—that’s short for insect growth regulator, which means it prevents fleas from maturing or reproducing, ensuring that the infestation will die out. An application of Ultracide can prevent re-infestation for up to seven months, so you can enjoy a long break from any worries about flea problems.

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